Where can you find DOOH screens?

More commonly known as digital signage, DOOH stands for Digital Out Of Home. This tool, used to showcase the posters of one or more advertisers, is an internationally-renowned means of communication, used for its performance and cost-effectiveness. Digital signage begins with management software, then requires a connected dynamic screen (totem, kiosk, tablet, window display, LED screen…) to display multimedia content: image, video, document, text…

Dynamic displays in public places

What’s the main difference between a screen and a digital signage display? One is a simple interface, while the other is a professional means of communication: a connected screen. The special feature of digital signage (vs. “simple” signage) is that it can be linked to management software such as E-manager. As for DOOH screens, they’re just one of many digital signage solutions. These are connected, remotely-controlled screens used specifically for advertising.

Promotions, new products and news are the most common elements found on this type of screen. Aimed at attracting and capturing the attention of an audience, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Indoor DOOH screens broadcast in-store advertising to target customers. Their purpose is to inform and alert you to new products in the store. The outdoor DOOH, on the other hand, will inform a wider audience with varied tastes and habits. Passers-by are quickly intrigued, making it easier for them to retain the message.

DOOH is part of a company’s external communication strategy. They adopt this new way of communicating with their customers and potential customers, aiming to inform and support them in their purchase. More and more companies are opting for this solution. They gain notoriety, visibility and savings. What’s more, it allows them to differentiate themselves from the competition by bringing entertainment to DOOH screens.


Display locations

DOOH displays are often found in strategic locations or close to traffic. We’ll find them mainly in stores and supermarkets, but also in transport or on the street. City centers, highways, public areas, train stations, airports… are the perfect locations to be sure of attracting attention. Using the DOOH solution, a retailer can deploy its advertising in a matter of seconds on a multitude of screens!

What’s more, DOOH screen owners can make the most of their solution. By offering advertisers the opportunity to broadcast their content on its screens, the owner recoups his investment.

DOOH professionals

How can you talk about DOOH without mentioning Times Square, the internationally renowned giant of digital signage? Always bustling, this place studded with DOOH screens has become a strategic location. Not least because of the number of tourists who frequent the area. Companies reach their international targets with screens of varying sizes.

Every year, millions of people pass through and look at these screens. We’re talking about millions of potential customers. A figure not to be overlooked when a company is looking for a strategic exhibition venue. DOOH displays are all the rage with professionals around the world. The advantage is that these screens are less expensive to broadcast! What’s more, many companies can display their posters on these screens by calling on the screen owner. It also enables professionals tosave on the cost of screens and software. Smaller screens can also be used to broadcast content inside stores on the avenue. Smaller and at eye level, these connected screens interact directly with the target customer.

In all, more than a hundred screens catch the eye of passers-by in the Manhattan borough. Billions of pixels lit up for the viewing pleasure of passers-by. Already known as one of the most popular film locations and a must-see for tourists, it’s a great asset to share content here! The venue is also home to the world’s largest screen: 100 metres long and 23 metres high, with a total of 24 million LED pixels broadcasting 24/7!

DOOH is everywhere!

It’s not just Time Square that’s using digital signage, but the United States as well. Companies communicate both internally and externally, capturing the attention of international customers and employees.

On the whole, DOOH screens can be found on giant billboards, totems, window displays and even vehicles: cabs and buses, for example. They can also be found in airports, train stations, concert halls… During an event or in everyday life, digital signage is everywhere. The further we advance and innovate, the stronger the trend towards screens as a communication tool.

DOOH is becoming the most effective way of reaching a large audience, in an instant! Easy to use and quick to set up, digital signage is ideal when you want to stand out from the crowd.


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