olissimo is the parcel delivery service provided by the French Post Office since 1989. Thanks to the quality of our services, we are receiving more and more shipments. As a result, the reputation of this service is growing by the day. To improve internal communications and productivity, colissimo chose thedynamic display.

At colissimo, nearly 30 screens in 2020 have been installed with the Emity solution. Gradually, the system will be rolled out to all colissimo platforms in France, reaching a total of 300 screens!

The aim of this solution is to communicate internally, at sorting and loading platforms. In this way, they can meet 3 main needs:

  • communicate on their internal marketing,
  • have truck loading status information on their intranet site,
  • communicate strategic information to the local driver.


After analysis, colissimo chose the Emity excellence formula. This formula enables them to display internet and intranet sites. What’s more, the E-manager software has been installed on their Windows PC and is working perfectly. Colissimo was looking for a reliable and efficient partner. To install digital signage software using La Poste’s ultra-secure infrastructure. In addition, the technical teams had already selected the PC hardware and screens they wanted installed on their premises. During this time, the technology was in on-premise mode, enabling it to be managed within the customer’s own IT infrastructure.

In conclusion, today they use Emity display software. Already certified for IT security, which enabled them to respond quickly to the needs of technical teams. Colissimo needed the support of a design office. They were able to connect the information to be displayed in several strategic areas of the platform. By choosing our digital solution at the end of 2020, they can now link several screens together and stream content.

million in sales for the Services-Courrier-Colisen division in 2019
% of shipments are in France

How do you communicate between departments in a large company?

For fast information flow, it’s important to use a solution that combines simplicity, efficiency and multiple distribution. Digital signage lets you transmit the information you want! In fact, in just a few seconds, you can deploy on a multitude of screens.

Digital signage is undoubtedly a more effective means of achieving this than calls, e-mails or hanging sheets of paper. Develop your internal communications with the Emity solution.

Article by Jade Begue, February 4, 2021