Why is the hotel industry going digital?

Increase the number of visitors and entice customers with a dynamic window display.

Inform your customers about the hotel’s services, restaurant hours, rates, services and practical information (parking, wifi, check-out…).

Broadcast useful content: weather forecasts, wifi passwords, news feeds, transport schedules (trains, flights…) in Full-HD.

Boost your bar-restaurant’s traffic by advertising your menus and drinks, and promoting your restaurant.

Guide your customers through meetings, seminars and conferences on a multitude of screens.

Eco-friendly. No more need to print flyers and posters on paper, switch from traditional to digital signage in the hotel industry.

Reduce the feeling of waiting for your customers with this entertainment tool in your waiting rooms and elsewhere.

Modernize and improve your hotel communications with digital signage. With multiple screens and management software, you can manage your posters quickly and easily: create new content, modify and delete with a single click, and distribute hotel information. Display the day’s available prices, events, menus and news with ease. Weather, website, rss feeds and gps are all available with Emity. Digital signage in the hotel industry becomes a tool that combines speed and efficiency.

Digital communication is an attractive way ofattracting customers and passing the time. Thanks to your personalized content, you can make the concept of “waiting” dynamic and contribute to even better customer service.

Digital signage in the hotel industry

In the hotel business, it’s important to use all the right techniques to catch customers’ eyes. That’s why so many hotel managers are turning to digital signage to boost their communications and improve their image. It’s an essential tool in the hotel industry’s marketing strategy.


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