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The ehpad and retirement home sector

The retirement home sector is a special area of the healthcare world. These residences are dedicated to the well-being, assistance and care of the elderly.

Digital signage, a new way to communicate

Digital signage is a technology that allows messages to be displayed in the form of animated visual content, offering a modern alternative to traditional paper displays.

Its main advantage lies in its ability to be displayed on a variety of screens, from tablets and LCD screens to kiosks and totems, offering great flexibility in terms of visual communication.

Anything is possible in retirement homes and ehpads! Create content on a simple, intuitive platform and deliver it to any screen.

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Why use digital signage in ehpad?

Communicate effectively: Digital signage in your facility allows you to distribute the information you need to staff, residents and visitors. For example, announcements, upcoming events, changes to visiting times, etc. This information is not lost in the mass of other paper information on a traditional bulletin board.

Personalize your messages: Screen communications can be personalized, and our solution offers a wide range of possibilities (images, text, video, sound, etc.). Digital signage can be adapted to your specific needs, depending on your ehpad’s services.

Encourage engagement: Attractive, interactive visual content stimulates residents’ interest, and they are more likely to take an interest in facility news.

Maximum flexibility: Our solution updates automatically and quickly, and as soon as your playlist is ready, it’s deployed. You won’t lose any time if you have to make last-minute changes!

Global real-time alert: All your residents are quickly informed of any news, such as emergencies or contagious diseases.

Reassure and entertain: Improve the well-being of your residents and their families by providing regular, relevant information. Communication screens can contribute to a better experience and living environment for your residents.

In short, digital signage can play a crucial role in improving communication, resident engagement and staff operational efficiency within a healthcare facility for the elderly.


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