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The gym and fitness sector

Gyms and fitness centers are becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives. These places can play a crucial role in the well-being and physical health of individuals, enabling fitness enthusiasts to train, get better and achieve their goals.

Digital signage, communication that’s right with you

Digital signage makes it possible to showcase fully-customizable, animated digital content, thus renewing old communication methods.

Today, one of the major advantages of digital signage is its potential to create engagement and interactive communication for customers, visitors or employees. Screens allow companies to captivate their audience and reinforce their message in a modern way. Then, its fast update times, ease of content creation and message flexibility make it a must-have tool.

Why use digital signage in gyms?

Increased engagement: EMITY’s digital signage will help you capture the attention of gym members with stimulating, interactive content. This will enhance the room’s appeal and make visitors want to stay and make a long-term commitment.

Targeted communication: Thanks to our solution, gyms and fitness centers can broadcast precise, personalized announcements about special offers, news, new classes or upcoming events, directly to their members.

Immersive experience: Interactive screens create an immersive experience for members, helping them to stay motivated and engaged throughout their workout. The messages can either inform, motivate, advise and entertain members of the gym.

Efficient flow management: Digital signage can help to organize the flow of members in the gym by displaying information on current occupancy, the availability of certain work-out machines, group class schedules and the busiest time slots.

Increased visibility: By using EMITY, gyms build customer loyalty, which is difficult to achieve in this sector, and offer personalized support that helps built visibility and recognition from both members and staff.

Digital signage in gyms will create many new opportunities for your communication, member engagement and staff operational efficiency within a fitness facility.


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