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The hair salon sector

The hairdressing sector is a specific area of the beauty industry. Hair salons are service centers dedicated to hair beauty, well-being and customer satisfaction.

Digital signage, the best way to communicate

Digital signage is a technology that allows messages and images to be displayed in the form of animated visual content, offering a modern alternative to paper signage.

One of its main assets is its ability to be displayed on all types of screens (tablets, LCDs, kiosks, totems, etc.) and in all formats. This flexibility offers almost total freedom when it comes to visual communication.

At Emity, we offer a digital signage solution adapted to all sectors, and in particular to the world of hairdressing. E-Manager software lets you create content on a simple, intuitive platform, and distribute it to any screen, anywhere.

Why use digital signage in hair salons?

Attract customers’ attention: Digital signage in a salon will display visually attractive content, such as hairdressing videos, promotions or testimonials from satisfied customers, attracting the attention of potential customers and encouraging them to enter the salon. You’ll also help create a modern, dynamic atmosphere.

Real-time information : Our solution allows you to broadcast real-time information, such as the day’s special offers, available hairdresser schedules, or even the local weather thanks to our widget, offering customers a personalized and convenient experience.

Making appointments easier: Visualize your schedules and slots, and create QR codes with our partner CANVA to make appointments with your hairdressers more accessible.

Promoting products and services: By displaying the different hairdressing services, products available for sale and before/after shots of your work, digital signage highlights the salon’s expertise and encourages customers to discover new services or products. In this way, you raise brand awareness.

Reduced perception of waiting time: Dynamic screens can keep customers entertained while they wait by broadcasting interesting and entertaining content.

Flexible and easy to update: Unlike static displays, dynamic content can be easily updated and customized to suit the needs of the show, enabling promotions, special offers or important information to be quickly adapted, ensuring effective and relevant communication with customers.

Thanks to our solution and an API, you can also display your rates automatically to save time on your communications.

In short, the use of digital signage can be essential for improving communication, customer engagement, and the operational efficiency of staff and stylists in a hair salon.


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