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it’s an invaluable tool for your communication. Create your
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Our design office has developed a powerful, easy-to-use web-based platform for remote screen management.

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Our solution integrates Canva

Design for everyone.

Boost yours and your team’s creativity and increase your productivity with the Canva solution.

  • Over 250,000 free templates
  • Over 100 design types (social networking posts, presentations, letters and more)
  • Hundreds of thousands of free photos and illustrations
  • Invite members to join your team
  • Collaborate and comment in real time

The solution for all screens

Broadcast on your screens: website, social networks and all digital media to
boost your sales and your audience

We offer a wide range of multi-system players (Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, SOC) to drive all types of screens (LED, LCD, Totems, digital furniture, tablets, overhead projectors, screen walls, menu boards).

The SOC version of our software is compatible with most brands: LG, IIYAMA, SAMSUNG, PHILIPS, SONY, VESTEL, ANDROID SCREENS. Smart TVs with a WebTV URL.

Support, Innovation, Quality.

Today, EMITY is recognized by its customers for the value of its commitments

Connected displays
Customers in Europe and worldwide
A solution for every situation

With our digital signage solution, you can manage your screen inventory easily, from 1 to thousands of screens.

Emity offers nearly twenty widgets!

EMITY is so much more…

EMITY is the intelligent digital signage solution.

We’re transparent with you

More than a long speech, you’d like to try our digital signage software for FREE.

Digital displaydigital signage, a powerful communication tool, will help you develop and distribute multimedia content at your points of sale! Emity offers you a complete digital signage solution with a player and management software that you can easily install on your media: giant screens, totems, kiosks, window displays, POP displays…

Create, inform, communicate and discover digital signage software powerful and manage it remotely. Deploy your broadcasts in real time and gain notoriety.

You now have all the keys you need to make your internal and external communications a success.

Our platform is suitable for all business sectors: retail, corporate, advertising agencies, industry, medical, education, commerce, catering, hotels, DOOH, pharmaceuticals, real estate, supermarkets, banking and insurance …

Find out more about digital signage with Emity!

  • What is digital signage?
  • How does the software work?
  • Which screen should I choose for my posters?
  • Which digital signage solution is right for me?
  • Digital signage or DOOH?
  • How much does a complete digital signage solution cost?

Digital signage is a marketing communications solution that enables companies to display visuals on screens and share information with their targets.

The digital signage software is easy to use on smartphones, tablets and computers. Thanks to your remote management account, you can create, program and broadcast to all your screens in just a few clicks from a web browser, in SAAS or On Premise.
TV screen, tablet, totem or touch terminal, etc. Choosing a digital signage screen depends on the project! If you want to broadcast outdoors, choose screens of a certain size that are resistant to temperature and weather. If you want to broadcast indoors, you can opt for tablets and even giant screens!
Whether you’re an SME or a large corporation, you can use digital signage. Emity also offers innovative solutions: E-immo to broadcast real estate ads; E-meeting to schedule your future meetings; E-affluence; E-menu; E-document; E-survey and even Web Tv.

DOOH is only used for billboard advertising, generally on giant panels or totems in shopping malls. Digital signage is used for internal and external communication, both indoors and out.

It all depends on your project! Put simply, the screen is the most expensive element of the project. As for general digital signage, this will vary according to the number of screens and the type of package required (standard, premium, excellence). It can also be purchased or subscribed.

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