The 3 questions you have to ask yourself when chossing a specifoc screen…

What is my environment?

The brightness of a screen has to be adapted to the environment. This is recommended for an optimal reading of the displayed content. For indoor, window or outdoor installation.

To ensure its durability, the screen should be set up with protection against the weather elements (sunlight, wind, extreme temperatures and so on). This is the case especially if it is installed in a window or outdoors…

Indoors, all types of screen are suitable. That way, you’ll have a choice.

For window displays, we recommend high-brightness screens (>2000lumens) that can withstand sunlight.

For outdoor advertising, a screen (or screens) with a brightness of over 500 candelas is recommended. As stated, it will also need to withstand the sun and all climatic conditions (rain, wind, extreme heat or cold, etc.).

Where will the screens be installed?

To maintain the visibility of the broadcast message, the size and type of the screen will vary if it is located at proximity (interactive terminal) or distance (high screen, behind a counter) of the public.

A screen can be installed high up (ceiling or giant screen), at eye level (wall, totem) or lower than the eyes (terminal, tablet). That’s also to take into account when picking the screen(s). All of them require an installation, which for the most part are very easy!

What is the sustainability?

Wanting to optimize resources, the performance level of the screen will be selected according to its duration of use: from a few hours per week to 24h/24 all year round.

Finally, whichever display you choose, it must be HDMI CEC-compatible. In fact, it’s thanks to this protocol that the digital signage player controls the screen.

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Key figures

Studies show that 84% of consumers expect content from brands, and 72% consider digital screens to be a “cool” way to communicate. Digital signage is the ideal medium!


Some of those questioned believe that digital signage improves brand image.


Respondents believe their purchases are even influenced by digital signage.


Respondents believe that digital signage influences repeated purchases.


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