Why use digital signage in retail outlets?

Modernize your retail brand image for your customers with connected screens.

Attractthe attention of passers-by with a window display and invite them into your business.

Displayyour point-of-sale advertising and disseminate more relevant information about your activities, services, opening hours…

Boostyour sales effectively with in-store promotions, announcements or events.

Communicateand guide your customers in their choices at the point of sale, give buying advice and indicate current trends in your business.

Improveyour online visibility with digital signage, especially on social networks.

Increaseconsumer conversion rates with better customer targeting, regular promotions and personalized offers based on hours and/or days of the week.

Digital signage in retail outlets?

Digital signage lets you bring your posters to life interactively. This communication tool, used at your points of sale, stores and other retail spaces, can be used via giant screens, LCD screens, totems, kiosks… and create a highly satisfying customer experience. Thanks to remote content management, you’ll be able to display your visuals in innovative ways, and capture the attention of everyone in your stores.

Log on to the E-manager remote management platform and create new poster presentations in just a few clicks. Thanks to the Emity box connected to your retail screens, your content will be broadcast in a matter of seconds. With our poster memory system, all you have to do is add all your images, videos and text and modify them later. The Emity display solution lets you control a display network simply and intuitively.

How to choose the right digital signage screen for retail?

Digital digital signage in point-of-sale and retail becomes simple with the Emity solution. Once you’ve selected your player, the next step is to choose the screen…


EMITY is the intelligent digital signage solution

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