How can digital signage improve communication in the medical sector?

Rassure visitors about sanitary measures and hygiene. As much in a practice than in a pharmacy or hospital.

Inform and entertain your patients with dynamic visuals.

Diffuse relevant information about the medical establishment medical establishment.

Anime the place by opting for connected screens and make it more welcoming and peaceful.

Dimine the feeling of waiting and stress with attractive communication.

Guide and orient visitors within the healthcare facility and to doctors.

What are the advantages of digital signage in the medical sector?

One of the main aims of communication in the healthcare sector is to establish a climate of trust: the patient’s trust in the caregiver and in the facility. Whether the latter is a medical practice, clinic, hospital or pharmacy. This relationship of trust can be initiated as soon as you arrive in the waiting room.. Using screens connected to Emity’s dynamic medical display solution, the patient is :

  • Reassured

He learns how the healthcare facility works, the different stages in his care, and the administrative documents to remember. It keeps abreast of medical news and innovations in the healthcare sector. If the site is large, the screens broadcast a signage to help him find his way around. Content can be easily modified and instantly distributed across a multitude of screens. For patients, digital signage medical is the guarantee that the information he consults is up to date.

  • Distracted

The communication tool makes the time spent in the waiting room less painful. Time passes more quickly and the patient remains calm. Simple and effective, thedigital signage solutionfor doctors’ offices and pharmacies entertains and guides. What’s more, you can display images, videos and all your entertainment content in an attractive way. From hospital digital sign age to pharmacy digital signage, you’ll entertain in a glance.

  • In an optimal sanitary environment

Putting health and safety first is easier with sanitary screens. These are highly prized in the medical field. In addition to broadcasting a variety of multimedia content, some are equipped with a hydroalcoholic gel reservoir. The contact-free dispenser delivers a calibrated dose of gel to patients and staff. Digital signage and healthcare in one screen.

Putting patients at ease in this way means they can begin their discussions with healthcare professionals under the best possible conditions.

How to use digital signage in the medical sector?

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