Our solution to help you implement barrier measures in your facility.

With digital signage, welcome your customers with a reassuring message displayed on a connected screen . With sanitary screens, encourage them to disinfect their hands before entering.

Combine the security of barrier gestures with the programmed distribution of your commercial messages.

By integrating a connected sanitary screen into your facility, you can demonstrate the importance of complying with hygienic conditions. What’s more, it makes customers feel more reassured. The intelligent, safe and practical automatic dispenser offers contactless disinfection:

  • Up to 5000 users (5000 ml storage volume),
  • Drip tray designed for safe, hygienic use,
  • Low product level indicator light,
  • Metal frame with waterproof protection.

Even after the Covid-19 pandemic, this digital sanitary screen with automatic hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser will meet new needs. In terms of public health and as an effective communication tool. Creating an atmosphere of security, ensuring cleanliness and communicating is easy with the Emity solution.


Digital signage software for Android,

E-Manager is a simple, intuitive platform that lets you manage your posters remotely. For example: videos, images, text… This platform allows you to distribute your information in a matter of seconds. This will enable you to communicate your capacity, facilities and sanitary conditions.

The software integrates numerous modules. Firstly, a screen content management module, commonly known as CMS, but also a distribution schedule. Then it will integrate a multi-channel distribution module (screen, website, social networks, sms, e-mail). E-manager receives and sends visuals to the sanitary screens. It can also broadcast on the website and social networks (Facebook).

It’s the first digital platform to encompass so many communication channels simultaneously.

Our solution adapts to your sector


Our system adapts to any situation.