Why is digital signage a major asset for the construction and industrial sectors?

Broadcast important information: safety, organization, deadlines, bad weather...

Organize your teams quickly and easily using screens.

Communicateon your schedules and team management.

Gather your employees around your projects, and show them the progress of their work, by broadcasting live images from the worksites.

Display multimedia content to animate locations and boost your teams.

ReCall risk management and emergency numbers.

Internal communication in the construction and industrial sectors is a major challenge. The transmission of information (particularly concerning safety and organization) is essential. It has to be installed quickly and without any waste. Various techniques are available to achieve this. Digital signage is a simple, easy-to-use solution. This communication tool can be used to manage the broadcasting of content on indoor and outdoor screens. For example, the screens installed on construction sites display messages via the connected player. Accessories can also be included in the setup: vandal-proof system, support… to guarantee the security of the outdoor screen.

Digitizing information to improve communication is a major asset for good team coordination. Indee, the digital signage solution broadcasts unlimited, relevant and attractive multimedia content for everyone to see. That way, information is accessible without the risk of being forgotten or misunderstood. Thanks to real-time updating, teams can also be sure they’re viewing up-to-date information.

Finally, the Emity solution is designed to send your messages to an infinite number of screens from a single station. It has never been so easy to broadcast alerts (bad weather) and instructions (safety, schedules, deadlines, etc.). These can even be enhanced with images and videos.

Characteristics of digital signage

Digital signage is a new concept with great potential. This system is based on the distribution of information to customers, staff and employees alike.


EMITY is the intelligent digital signage solution

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