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The real estate sector

The real estate sector is a highly dynamic business, encompassing all the professions involved in property sales and rentals. Although the real estate sector has more important seasons than others, it is very popular all year round (buying a house, renting a property for vacations, renting premises for a workspace, etc.). These potential customers can arrive at any time, depending on their life plans, and real estate agencies need to be constantly on the alert.

But in order to appraise your property and sell or rent it, you need to attract customers. There are two important steps for agents: gaining the trust of a customer to look after his or her property, and then finding someone willing to take over the property in question.

And what better way to do this than to showcase your company’s information on window displays, or to enhance your real estate ads by displaying them on totems inside your agency, for example.

“Rent” digital signage to “sell” your goods

If communication is an integral part of the sales process, digital signage can help. This tool, which enables information to be displayed on screens (videos, photos, text, etc.), will make it easier for you to communicate with your users.

Thanks to digital signage, you can display your real estate ads on screens and configure them to save time. Stop wasting paper by printing your ads to frame them in the window. Don’t risk them being damaged by the outside climate.

Project your ads directly onto communications screens. Change them as soon as they become inaccurate, and do so instantly with digital signage management software. Modify, without starting from scratch, in the event of errors in the information transmitted.

Boost your sales with digital signage.

Building a strong relationship between digital signage and the real estate sector

When people contact a real estate agency, they often already have a well-defined project in mind: the purchase or rental of a house, apartment or premises. He may even have a precise idea of the criteria he needs to validate this intention (number of rooms, equipment, balcony or garden, etc.).

Real estate agencies will then step in to realize this project or, if they can’t, they’ll do their utmost to offer other properties as close as possible to the customer’s wishes.

Use your digital signage to create compelling content that will win over your potential customers. Or encourage them to develop or modify their criteria and take on different projects.

Why use digital signage in the real estate sector?

  • Increase the number of visitors: Equip your display windows with screens. Broadcast your best communications about your agency, its history, its teams, etc. Submit your best ads to showcase your properties. What’s more, with our partner Canva, integrated into our software, it’s easy to do. Encourage your customers to come in!
  • Raise your agency’s profile: Identify yourself and make yourself known to the public passing by on the street. Engage them with beautiful images of your company. Intrigue them, so they’ll remember you when they need your services.
  • Inform your visitors: Thanks to Emity, you can combine your real estate ad management software (Adapt Immo, la boîte Immo, AC3 groupe, Apimo, Netty, Century21) with our E-Manager platform. So you can show off your latest offers in an innovative way!
  • Promote your location: To attract those who haven’t yet decided to live near you, share your best photos. Showcase your region, its landscapes, culture and identity through promotional clips and playlists.
  • Avoid the feeling of waiting: Use screens inside the branch to keep customers waiting with attractive visual communication. Alternate between singular communication and announcements. You can also offer a catalog on a tablet, for example, to let them browse through.
  • Save money and protect the environment: stop using paper. Stop printing ads and/or flyers. Distribute your customized real estate posters in real time, and modify them whenever you need to.

Window displays, an asset for your agency

Digital signage in the real estate sector also means the possibility of presenting different content on screens, both inside your agency and in shop windows.


window displays

ensure outstanding quality and visibility for your information. They help you stand out from the crowd and add value to your communications. Different sizes and substrates are available to best suit your needs. Window displays attract the eye, encouraging passers-by to approach, find out more, become interested and finally enter your branch. With advanced technology, the screens adapt to your environment, whether indoors or outdoors, and according to brightness, contrast, etc.

In real estate agencies, a dynamic display on a window screen is a precious asset, as it’s the first approach potential customers will have to the structure. Highlighting your company’s assets and professionalism is essential, and you can optimize all your ads. thanks to at window displays in real estate agencies.

Emity is a company that wants to offer its users the best, and adapts to their needs. That’s why we also offer a property management solution to give your agencies the best choice. But don’t worry, our solution also adapts to your ad management platforms.

How do I distribute my dynamic real estate display?

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