Real estate agencies, through their window displays, communicate with passers-by, informing them of properties for rent and for sale. Decorated and bright, these windowsare a first approach for agencies, an opportunity to showcase their properties and their professionalism. They are therefore one of the most important assets of real estate agencies.
However, in the digital age, they are no longer optimized. The static posters are no longer eye-catching and run the risk of going unnoticed. To counter this risk, agencies are modernizing and opting for new, more modern and more entertaining solutions, such asdigital signage.. In other words, real estate agencies optimize their showcases with connected screens. And there’s more !

What are the advantages of a dynamic showcase and solution?

Catch the eye of your customers and make a difference

Bye bye uninteresting window display, and hello to the all-new digital look! With digital signage in the window, you can broadcast attractive content to curious onlookers.

Also known as digital signage


new communication medium including slideshows and videos. Ideal for capture the attention of passers-by and stand out from the competition and its static displays! In shop windows, these are replaced by a large illuminated frame or several small screens. Used to present the agency’s offers in animated versions, they will also make the difference by broadcasting enriched content. Varied, customizable content selection: industry and agency news, QR codes, testimonials, etc.

Boost your real estate agency

The digital signage solution designed by Emity enables remote management of the elements displayed on a fleet of screens. These multimedia elements can be identical or different depending on the screen involved (window display, totem, light frame, tablet, etc.).

In this way, the digital customer experience initiated in the window continues inside the branch. The variety types of digital signage screens is such that this experience evolves along with its journey. For example, his curiosity aroused by a beautiful window display showing videos of the properties on offer, he enters the agency. At the reception desk, a touch-sensitive, interactive tablet is at hand. There, they can consult more detailed information on one of the properties they’ve spotted in the window, while an agent waits for them. Welcome to real estate 2.0!

Connect your screens to your business software

E-manager, Emity’s digital signage software, is compatible with AC3, Adaptimmo, Hektor, Netty and others. It includes a widget specially developed for real estate agencies:
It programs and distributes ads recorded in your business software.

Linking our digital signage software to your business software couldn’t be easier:

  • Activate the widget E-immo widget on E-manager,
  • Enter the code sent to you by our team (for maximum security),
  • Unveil your real estate ads in just a few clicks.

Opt for an optimal real estate solution

E-immo is a complete solution that lets you broadcast multimedia content and advertisements in a matter of seconds.

As easy to install as it is to use, it allows you to program and broadcast a display in real time. Say goodbye to those usb sticks you have to update and then lose. Gone are the posters that consume paper and ink and end up in the garbage can.

Agencies that opt for this tool see a better organization of tasks and optimization of their working time. Content is quickly updated and saved for better document management. Each team can take charge of this management and plan the content to be broadcast in advance, thanks to the multi-user mode. The digital signage solution for real estate professionals enables a clear optimization of communication.