Building a sustainable development


A major player in digital signage, Emity has incorporated environmental goals into the design of its software and its choice of technologies and materials right from the start. Since 2018, we have been developing sustainable products that respect available resources.

Beyond the eco-design of our digital signage software and the choice of sustainable technologies, we have extended our field of reflection and action to a broader spectrum: CSR (corporate social responsibility).

We refer to the ISO 26000 standard and adapt its guidelines to our areas of work and influence:

  • Governance of the structure
  • Human Rights
  • Working conditions and relations
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Fair practices
  • Consumer issues and consumer protection
  • Communities and local development

Our best practices

  • Our software is eco-designed. These design guidelines are instilled by our CTO, Alexandre Voron, an experienced software engineer with a background in microcontrollers and a mastery of machine-time optimization techniques.

  • Our servers are in France, hosted by OVH.
  • The digital signage box (or player) is a micro-PC with a power consumption of 5W. It is integrated into the digital signage system only when necessary. In fact, we’re developing software that uses the screen’s internal power to avoid the need for an external player on recent equipment.
  • Digital signage software includes an automatic screen shutdown function by default.
  • We work with manufacturers known for their commitment to reduce energy consumption.
  • N.B. Screen standards have recently been revised. A screen rated “A” not so long ago is now rated “G”… Targets are clearly increased as part of a positive approach that encourages manufacturers to continue innovating and improving to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Our support service incorporates in-house diagnostics and remote control tools, so that an on-site technician is only called in as a last resort (to optimize travel time).
  • We’re working to recycle existing equipment, adding our Green IT player to the mix to extend the use of equipment using the latest technologies.
  • Takeover of existing equipment, with a focus on reusing existing hardware and installing our compatible display software.
  • Display agent that can be installed on an old player, to avoid throwing it away.

The environmental benefits of digital communication:

  • 0 paper.
  • Limiting travel to set up displays.
  • Cloud system design.
  • Player micro-PC to limit power consumption.
  • Advice on choosing the right screen (the most energy-efficient).

Shipping :

  • We recycle the boxes we receive, so that they can be reused.

  • We recommend normal delivery (not express).

Travel :

  • Our vehicles are electric and we prefer to use the train for long-distance travel.

Working conditions :

  • We do everything we can to make life at work comfortable.

  • For us, it’s important to train the company’s interns and work-study students.
  • We recruit and train staff at local schools, and offer them training courses iso that they can constantly improve.
  • For us, it’s important to nurture a viable corporate culture that respects others.

Ethical, social and cultural:

Emity is a committed player in Montpellier’s entrepreneurial life, taking care to help local players in the field of entrepreneurship. The company is also a sponsor of the Réseau Entreprendre Occitanie 2023. Alexandre Voron and Gédéon Ruas are members and committed to support young entrepreneurs by sharing their experience as company founders.

Emity is a member of the digital media club’s board of directors, which organizes and shares best practices to digital signage players. For this reason, the club’s CSR policy has launched the Replay Label to give a second life to equipment replaced in new facilities.

And tomorrow? Implementation of a CSR process to formalize the approach with a view to obtaining recognized CSR Labels by 2024.