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The catering sector

It covers all activities related to the preparation and sale of food and beverages.

Whether it’s a quick lunch break at the local fast-food restaurant, a take-away meal at the deli or a special occasion in a restaurant, the catering sector brings together colleagues, family, friends and generations.

It’s a constantly evolving sector. Who must adapt to food trends, seasons or health regulations. As a result, menus are regularly modified or removed from the menu, which is time-consuming for restaurateurs.

At Emity, we improve the daily lives of foodservice professionals by offering customizable digital signage that can be quickly and easily modified.

Digital signage, the slate technology of the future

As a 2.0 communication tool, digital signage has everything to appeal to professionals. It can be used to broadcast all communications, both internal and external, on digital screens, using a wide range of multimedia media (images, slideshows, videos, etc.).

Digital signage is an excellent way to highlight your restaurant’s menu, replacing traditional slates (where everything is handwritten) with attractive visuals presented via large screens, tablets or touch-screen terminals.

This technology projects you into the futuristic version of the slate. With rapid message distribution and the ability to modify messages with just a few clicks, without wasting resources such as paper or ink.

A touch of digital signage in the foodservice sector

Of course, what you put on the plate is the most important thing. However, the welcome and atmosphere also play a part in ensuring that your guests have a good time.

Digital signage enhances their experience. Firstly, thanks to a clear, original and lively presentation of the menu. Secondly, because your waiting time is enhanced by the content (videos, photos…) you display on your screens. These are just some of the small details that digital signage can help make your establishment unique.

Why use digital signage in the foodservice sector?

Discover all the benefits of digital signage for your business:

  • Less time on the menu = more time for your customers : Thanks to Emity’s dynamic display and software, menus can be programmed. Lunch menu, dinner menu, daily menu… With E-Manager, you can anticipate everything directly on your communication screen. The time you save displaying menus gives you more time for reception and service.
  • Contactless menu Thanks to a
    QR code

    your customers display the menu on their smartphone. No paper menus means a gesture for the environment, and an up-to-date, typo-free menu!
  • Keep your customers informed and patient : Keep your customers entertained with digital signage until the food arrives. Broadcast videos, a TV channel, photos, etc. Finally, communicate your range of services (catering, home delivery, etc.) and your current offers.
  • Boost your brand awareness and customer loyalty Via your screens, invite your customers to leave a review. Feedback reinforces your reputation and contributes to the overall improvement of your service.
  • Make it easy for yourself to create and change menus With Emity, you don’t have to waste time writing menus by hand on your slates. An error has crept into the map – don’t worry, correct it on your platform! E-Manager in 3 clicks!
In the foodservice sector, digital signage helps improve the customer experience. It’s also a powerful, time-saving tool for updating menus. Last but not least, the modernity of this new communication method reinforces the company’s brand image.

Digital signage in foodservice

Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular in the catering industry. Major groups such as Sodexo, Compass and Elior use screens as a means of communication in their restaurants…


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