The dynamic menu board

Menu boards are display devices commonly used in cafés, hotels and restaurants (CHR). These panels are used to display the menu, prices or events of the establishment.

In their dynamic version, menu boards consist of a set of screens, usually arranged side by side. They represent a modern version of display on paper, slate or blackboard.

The digital menu board for all restaurants

Whether their cuisine is family-style, classic or sophisticated, digital menu boards have a place in every restaurant.

Fast-food outlets, gastronomic and catering establishments are modernizing, moving from slates to digital displays.

The advantages of dynamic menu boards

Instant menu updates

In the restaurant business, it’s not unusual to have to change the menu. You often have to improve it, want to add the Chef’s new recipes, or need to match the menu to the seasons.

With digital signage, you can make these changes in just a few minutes. In the event of changes or errors on the card, You don’t have to reprint everything again. Save money, paper and time with dynamic menu boards.

Automatic changeover of lunch and dinner menus by programming: Menu management (E-Menu)

In the hospitality sector, different menus are offered depending on the service: breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Thanks to Emity’s E-Menu solution, you can program your digital signage, and therefore your cards, according to your time slots. That way, the card is changed automatically. You can then concentrate on other tasks.

Improving the customer experience

As soon as they arrive, your customers can consult the menu and make their choice. In fast-food restaurants in particular, this display effectively complements service quality and efficiency.

Customizable menus and menus with our partner Canva

For your digital menus, our partner Canva is your creative asset.

This online tool will help you design your menu boards, thanks to its wide range of templates.

Our partner also offers a variety of design tools for professional rendering, such as typography, high-quality images, videos, music and more.

Canva is a quick and easy-to-use graphics tool that lets you create all your content in the image of your company. Thanks to him, your menus are attractive and personalized.

A combination of modernity, efficiency and economy, dynamic menu boards have it all. No wonder more and more catering establishments are adopting them.

And thanks to Emity’s menu management solution (E-Menu), designing and distributing menus is child’s play. E-Menu offers restaurateurs incomparable flexibility and ease of use. This means they can update their cards very quickly, and customize them to their customers’ needs.