Why use digital signage in local authorities?

Broadcast the latest local news in real time, as well as the progress of ongoing projects.

Inform on changes in legislation, administrative formalities and display safety and prevention messages.

Tell the public all about local events (shows, sports tournaments…), the opening hours of your facilities (media library, swimming pool, town hall…) or upcoming projects.

Pass on messages from the Mayor and municipal teams to the whole city.

Create a digital offer for advertisers in your municipal newsletter. Then increase the visibility of small retailers and local crafts.

Communicate and raise awareness about waste prevention and sorting.

Modernize your polling stations, display hour-by-hour turnout and results.

Direct users to the right services and provide information on opening hours or closed services… with multimedia content.

Make a difference by integratingdigital signage into your city. Inform citizens more easily and quickly, and stay in touch with them! Broadcast photos, videos, text and widgets such as time, weather and much more. Thanks to connected screens, you can communicate internally with your colleagues at the town hall. Secondly, externally, by keeping you informed of meetings, councils, urban events… on an ongoing basis.

Energize your information and grab people’s attention by deploying your multimedia content on multiple screens! Let them know you’re there for them. With this means of communication, you can “digitalize” your information and strengthen your links with citizens. In fact,the wall screens, totems, kiosks, billboards… used are your digital media. Integrated and managed by the town hall, digital signage in the city becomes an asset for rapidly informing the population.

How does digital signage work?

Communities use digital signage in urban and rural areas to communicate more easily with citizens and tourists…


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