The automotive sector

The automotive sector has taken on a certain importance in the market: cars are part of our daily lives, whether used to get to work, to go shopping or even to travel on vacation.

Today, this sector is driven by the evolution of our society, particularly in terms of environmental protection. As a result, dealerships find themselves bringing in more innovative models, in line with users’ values.

Then there’s the process of selling the product, whether it’s innovative or not, and innovating its sales techniques to win over more people. Thanks to Emity, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make your points of sale inventive, viadigital signage. Our team offers benefits for your customers, your dealerships and your teams.

Digital signage, an innovative technology

Digital signage is a technology that allows messages to be displayed and configured in the form of visual, animated content, replacing the traditional use of paper displays.

One of the greatest advantages of digital signage is its compatibility with a wide range of screens. In fact, it’s possible to communicate via communication screens of various sizes, such as tablets, LCD screens or even kiosks, totems, etc.

Imagine the possibilities for your dealerships! Create your content easily via an easy-to-use platform, and distribute it to the screens that best suit your needs.

Need to communicate a striking video about the test drive of the latest vehicle to arrive on your premises? It can be done! Have it displayed on a large LCD flat screen at your dealership’s reception desk.

Collaboration between digital signage and the automotive sector

A visitor to a dealership has a very specific idea of what he wants to do: buy a vehicle.

The hardest part is convincing him of the ranges you can offer. Grab his attention with attractive visuals, or videos showing your vehicles’ advertising and performance tests.

Use digital signage to program your content. And if you need to change a detail, modify it directly via the platform.

Create promotional content or advertising, deploy your most beautiful creations to attract your users. Encourage them to explore your offers further.

Why use digital signage in the automotive sector?

Discover the advantages of communicating within your dealership:

  • Create a unique shopping experience for your customers: Dazzle your customers right from the start! Advertise the models you have in your dealership on a large flat screen in the reception area or on majestic totems.
  • Keep your products freely accessible: With digital signage, in the automotive sector, distribute your catalog via tablets, accessible at the reception desk. Allow your users to log in at any time to access vehicle data sheets.
  • Present your new models: Use spotlights to showcase new models in the dealership.
  • Entertain your customers while they wait: Offer entertainment via widgets on our platform, such as automatically updated news.
  • Want to save time? Communicate in real time: Boost your team with fast, effective communication. Information on the day’s sales, inventory or orders can be displayed and updated immediately.

How to choose the right digital signage screen?

Once you’ve selected your player, the next step is to choose the screen…


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