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Why use digital signage in schools?

Informabout exam dates and graduation ceremonies! Present mandatory regulatory information and general school information.

Entertain with sports activities, extracurricular events and inter-school get-togethers. Likewise, add public transport and the weather throughout the school.

Notify class schedule changes and cancellations, as well as classroom and teacher agendas, thanks to multimedia content.

Tell your students about available internships! Also, news about the school, their exam results… just 1 click away.

Broadcast emergency alerts and instructions over a network of dynamic screens.

Manage queues during registration and make the venue dynamic for everyone.

Display and communicate canteen menus and other nutritional information.

Wish the teachers and students a happy birthday. You can also offer fun and educational quizzes or display a quote of the day in an innovative way.

Digital signage for education: dynamic connected screens in schools

Facilitate exchanges between teachers, staff and students by using digital signage in education! Connect your screens to the software to broadcast your content and posters in real time. With digital signage for schools, you can modernize your school and publish information about it, such as: class councils, meetings, exams…

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  • Digital signage at school,
  • Digital signage at the high school,
  • Digital signage at universities,
  • Digital signage in business schools,
  • Digital signage in higher education establishments

With the Emity display solution, you’ll be able to connect all your screens to each other and save money. Only thanks to choosing digital display instead of paper. The E-manager platform lets you manage as many screens as you like. You can also add as many members to your team to manage your posters.

Digital signage or digital media, for example, helps to boost communication within the establishment and createinteractivity. In today’s age of technology, students are more receptive to visuals and animations, and will therefore retain information more easily.

Digital signage for education

Thanks to modern communication tools, digital signage in schools, colleges and universities facilitates management of your facilities and boosts communication with your students and teaching staff.


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