Introducing Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a new graphic design tool launched in 2021 that makes it easy to create visuals, both static and video. The Adobe suite, well known among design professionals, is an essential creative tool. Here, Adobe Express is added as the accessible, online version of this famous suite.

The software features an intuitive interface and a large library of images, videos, fonts, graphics and templates.

You can also edit images and videos.

What’s more, thanks togenerative AI you can generate images from text, add or remove elements from your design and change the appearance of text using a prompt.

Benefits and features

As you can see, Adobe Express offers a real advantage in terms of creation, and gives users of the Adobe suite easy access to the Creative Cloud. This integration into the Adobe ecosystem means that all their designs can be transferred and retrieved directly from Adobe Express, and therefore directly from our E-MANAGER platform!

The range of customization tools is different from that of similar software. Graphic elements can be modified with greater precision and simplicity. You’ll also find a wide range of Adobe fonts, many of them exclusive. The templates provided by Adobe are numerous and professional, giving your visuals a whole new look! In addition to the software components, you have access to Adobe Stock, a large library of high-quality media.

Our solution evolves with Adobe Express

Emity takes design a step further with the long-awaited integration of Adobe Express software. Discover and develop your creative spirit in a whole new way, especially through videos – something not previously possible directly from our platform.

Digital signage requires tools to create attractive, striking visuals to captivate your audience. Adobe Express has a number of assets to facilitate this, as well as the management of this content.

You’ll now have a direct link between digital signage and your Adobe suite, making it easier to create and update your playlists. Simplified, consistent workflow.

Professional software with top-quality resources! Enough to make your playlists shine.

Your creations will be even more precise, complex and refined. Advanced effects, customizable adjustments and layer and mask management are just some of the features you can benefit from.

Adobe Express features allow you to create striking, professional dynamic displays, adapted to a variety of contexts and needs. For users who need to produce high-quality, often complex visuals, Adobe Express is the ideal choice.