Queue management, or how to manage public waiting the 2.0 way at Emity?

Emity queue management is :

Who likes to wait? Who doesn’t feel frustrated standing in a queue? And without knowing when his turn will come or whether he’ll meet the right person the first time.

And when faced with these irritated visitors, how can you not also feel stressed or helpless?

To make this waiting situation as pleasant as possible, Emity has set up a virtual counter solution. Queue management is designed both to enhance visitors’ waiting time and to facilitate the work of the teams receiving the public.

For institutions and professionals receiving the public

Queue management is used by public authorities and businesses alike. It is deployed in all locations that welcome and inform the public. This virtual counter solution complements “real” counters. It’s a real tool for queue management.

Streamline your visitors’ flow and welcome them with peace of mind with this queue management solution

On the public side, a top-notch welcome for a wait in relaxation mode!

One of the keys to “lowering the pressure” is information. Because it’s easier to stay calm when you’re not in the dark.

Thanks to digital signage, visitors can access a first level of information as soon as they enter. In fact, these screens, terminals and tablets, placed upstream of the counters,
answer visitors’ initial questions

  • Which counter concerns me? Is it in this reception area? If not, which way should I go?
  • Is there a running order? Am I a priority?
  • What’s the waiting time?
  • I can’t stay, can I make an appointment?

Visitors will be able to find their way around efficiently on their own.

What’s more, he’ll be able to see how long he has to wait. Time which he can then devote to other actions while waiting for his turn.

Finally, if he can’t wait, offer to come back at a better time. How? Make an appointment directly on site, via one or more touch screens. Just imagine: it’s a rush! Your visitor doesn’t have a priority slot, doesn’t have time or doesn’t want to wait. Don’t leave him to his fate! Give them access to a digital reservation schedule from kiosks or touch-screen tablets installed at the entrance. This will be the first step in the process. And your visitors won’t leave your establishment feeling they’ve travelled unnecessarily.

And that’s not all! These publicly accessible screens have many other useful functions. In particular, you can display general information about your establishment or the services it offers. Or to distribute fun, attractive content.

And above all,
to qualify visits
. In fact, by correctly identifying their purpose, your teams will be able to determine :

  • the response time allocated to each,
  • its degree of priority.
On the team side, effectively manage the order of care, taking priorities into account

Touch screens, available to the public, collect the information needed to qualify visits.

Each counter is equipped with a dashboard. This enables everyone to see at a glance the queue and information about it.

On the basis of these data, collected in advance, it’s easy to establish an optimal order of passage. This order varies according to
. These may concern :

  • The audience itself. In this case, priority will be given to pregnant women or the elderly, for example.
  • The purpose of the visit (general information or specific case). Here, for example, we group together questions that can be dealt with quickly. This gives us the time to examine specific requests calmly and in depth.
  • We also distinguish between people who come by appointment.

Key benefits:

  • Anticipate requests,
  • Identify priorities at a glance, depending on the audience, the purpose of the visit, whether it’s planned or impromptu (visitors with or without an appointment),
  • Optimize waiting times,
  • Conduct interviews in a calmer climate.
On the plant side, constantly improving the public experience

Queue management includes a statistics module. The latter provides a concrete view of how our services work. And, after analysis, to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

With our queue management solution, you can simplify the passage of your visitors, improve their waiting time on your premises, and speed up the collection of information to deploy the best service.

Good to know:

Queue management can be combined with another module also developed by Emity:
. The latter is designed for the same purpose, but with a different approach. In fact, it’s also a tool for improving the “user” experience. This time, by inviting them to give their opinion via online questionnaires.

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