With our MENU-BOARDS management solution, showcase your menus and your brand, inspire your customers and optimize order-taking!

Menu-boards adapt to all your needs, all types of restaurant, all types of menu, etc. Hospitality professionals and foodservice appreciate this solution for displaying their dishes, prices and menus in a modern, dynamic way.

Ideally, these menu board screens are placed above the counter, so as to be as visible as possible to your customers, and even to attract them from the outside. You can update your maps according to season, update prices and availability in real time, and much more.

Division into 4 zones thanks to
makes your restaurant, bar, café or snack bar more attractive and dynamic, and offers you simplicity in terms of management, helping you to increase your sales.

You can display a video that will take all 4 screens at once, creating an animation. Then, on the next display, you can divide into 4 zones with, for example, 1 menu zone, 1 drinks zone, 1 dessert zone and 1 marketing video zone. You can mix both dynamic and static media on the same menu board within your restaurant.

Once aligned and configured, your screens can display your content as you wish.

With just one PC and this solution, you can manage all the screens in your video wall/set of screens. All you need is a player with 4 HDMI outputs for 4 screens, giving you the possibility of managing them from a single tool (smartphone, tablet, computer).

Upgrade: EMITY also offers you the option of re-using existing screens, if you already have them, to connect them to our digital signage platform, using a single player.


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