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What is digital signage in corporate settings?

Modernize your brand image for your customers through dynamic screens.

Provide a reassuring first contact and a goodcustomer experience for all visitors and clients.

Met your know-how and expertise to the fore thanks to our monitors and innovative software.

Inform all employees about performance measures, objectives and newsletters in just a few clicks.

Communicate and direct your staff to available meeting rooms withdigital signage.

Diffuse information about your works council, offered activities… And this on severalinternal dynamic screens.

Thanksto the displayed messages on screens, youmake it easy to manage and book company cars.

Expand your corporate activity by using digital signage as an internal and external communication tool.

Digital signage is considered to be the most effective communication digital the most efficient! First and foremost, it maintains the relationship with the customer, externally. Then, internally, it encourages exchanges between colleagues.corporate digital signage (or corporate digital signage).

All you have to do, is choose what you want to broadcast and create it on the management platform E-manager. Simple, intuitive remote management tool, the interface is designed to be fun and innovative. It will store photos, images, videos and text for even greater convenience. speed for your next broadcasts. You can add or modify information in just a few clicks!

You can also use internal communication to broadcast on several screens. screens. Displayed throughout your company and connected to the Emity box, you’ll be able to communicate with all the teams. Similarly, Emity has developed the
that lets you distribute your pdf documents! And that’s in addition to basic visuals and widgets! Simply upload them to the management software and view them on your dynamic screens. You can also generate a QR code to download the file faster.

Characteristics of digital signage

Digital signage is a new concept with great potential. This system is based on the distribution of information to customers, colleagues and employees alike…


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