Today,business development depends on relevant communication. Whether it is internal or external, the transmission of information remains a major concern. However, it is possible to manage this and make considerable improvements. This is where various communication media come into play, such as corporate digital signage.. A big step towards considerable progress.

What is digital signage?

Dynamic corporate signage is a new concept with great potential.This system is based on the sharing of information not only with employees, but also with customers and visitors. It uses connected screens or interactive kiosks.

Above all, it helps to enhance the company’s image and identity. This new concept also increases the company’s responsiveness. In just a few seconds, you can create, modify and transmit messages on any screen. Displayed multimedia content also help build new relationships. With new opportunities for exchange to involve employees in company projects. This makes it possible to revitalize living spaces with dynamic internal signage.

Thanks to a network of screens, you can communicate in high-traffic areas, waiting rooms or reception areas. But also in the meeting roomin the cafeteria, elevator or lobby. The company has the option of instant distribution of local, national and international news. It can also display economic and financial results, objectives, projects and press releases. It’s a major asset, efficiently delivering concrete multimedia content in order of priority. Digital signage offers a number of advantages for your company’s internal communication.

Features of digital signage,

as part of the digitalization process, the installation of digital signage for businesses obviously requires some technical expertise. This requires the involvement of various contributors for the intuitive content management (images, videos, slideshows, animations, text documents, PowerPoint presentations…). But real-time broadcasting interactively manages from a console or touch-sensitive tablet. However, you need to know how to prioritize information according to its importance, and differentiate between instructions.

We also need to centralize and schedule content distribution, and inform and train staff through distributing tutorials. Pass on urgent information across the entire network of screens, such as crisis alerts. By choosing this communication and marketing toolThe company is committed to sustainable development. It no longer involves printing documents on paper. This new media genre combines the characteristics of television, traditional billboards and the Internet.

Corporate signage, a major asset for visitors and customers

It’s true that every company has its own communications strategy, but digital corporate digital signage makes all the difference. This innovative approach provides additional information for visitors and customers. Installed in high-traffic areas, this system provides a reassuring first contact. It offers a pleasant welcome to all visitors and customers. They can get interesting content (RSS news feeds, ephemera, etc.) while waiting, which reduces the feeling of impatience.. With multimedia broadcasting, the company showcases its know-how and conveys its expertise on screens.

This corporate display solution allows you to broadcast videos or images presenting your products and services. But also real-time announcements and photos of employees. Opening and closing times and welcome messages are also broadcast. The aim is to capitalize on waiting time while delivering targeted information. Collaborative corporate TV is also essential for guiding visitors and customers. This technique guides you to the right services, with directions to help you find your way. It’s a valuable tool that adds a touch of professionalism to your company.. It also gives a more modern image with attractive multimedia content. You can update your content in real time automatically, all the time, effortlessly and without human intervention!

The importance of digital signage for employees

Because it can improve the cohesion of all teams and the closeness of management to employees. Digital media in the corporate world is crucial. Placed in the right places, communication screens broadcast instant, personalized information. A good dynamic internal communication motivates teams and subsequently improves overall performance. It’s important that all employees are well informed! The latest news, the cafeteria menu, TV channels, social networks (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook…) are all important information. Digital signage is also used for company meetings.

Thanks tocorporate digital signageYou can also provide information on performance measures, targets and newsletters. This will improve productivity. Employees can also express themselves effectively, while helping to strengthen the human aspect. What’s more, this innovative system showcases the brand while adding value for greater impact.

Digital signage for easier management of meeting rooms and cars

Digital signage has a number of advantages. To get started, communication screens are installed in the meeting, conference and events room. Their presence helps avoid suspended meetings, confusion and double bookings. The corporate digital signage system also keeps ghost meetings and previous bookings at bay. It optimizes room occupancy while improving efficiency and employee well-being. If thedynamic screen is installed at the door, providing information about a meeting in progress or room availability.

Room reservations can be made from the touch screen. This meeting room management flexible, so there’s no need for uncertainty in the corridors. The same thing applies to company cars. By displaying messages on screens, it is possible to book company cars in a more efficient way.

Digital signage certainly has many advantages for businesses. It’s a highly effective system for creatinginteraction. The aim is to advise, inform or sell, quickly and easily capturing attention.