Schedule your meetings with digital signage

Thanks to digital signage, plan, organize and display your next meetings! This new reservation and organization solution lets you distribute your room schedule and book your meetings. Whether you’re a rental professional or an occupier, you’ll be able to broadcast room availability, saving time and improving efficiency! This way, you’ll be kept up to date on the room schedule and future bookings. Seminars, congresses, launch parties… Everything is listed to make your organization easier and avoid waiting. And with Emity’s digital signage solution, you can keep your staff and visitors informed of your availability.

With E-meeting’s remote room management and scheduling solution, you’ll find your workspace with ease. You can view the rooms, their equipment and capacity on the connected screens and make your reservations. Each reservation is automatically recorded and broadcast to all screens in a matter of seconds. Take advantage of a simple, fast and efficient management for better organization.

Broadcast your rooms live on wall-mounted screens, interactive terminals or touch-screen tablets, thanks to a complete remote management solution.

The benefits of meeting management with digital signage

nearly 2,000 Emity screens offering this solution
nearly 300 customer accounts using Emity solutions

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