Atouchscreen is a device that integrates display (screen) and pointing devices on the same surface. The most basic pointing device is the finger.
The ergonomic qualities of touch screens have quickly made them an integral part of everyday life, as well as thedigital signage sector. And with good reason! The aim of this new communication method is to createoriginal interactions with people.

Touch meets these two objectives. As interactive as it is, it allows the user toselect information of interest. The screen then displays only the content chosen by the user, giving it originality.

Touchscreen makes digital signage interactive

How does a touchscreen work?

Several touch technologies are available. One of these is commonly used for tablets, wall displays, totems and so on. This is the capacitive touch screen.

In simple terms, the latter consists of a layer containing a homogeneous electric charge. When a conductive object (finger, stylus, etc.) approaches the screen, it locally disturbs this homogeneity. It is this imbalance in electrical charge, identified by sensors and processed by computer, that enables us to deduce the position of the object on the screen.

User-friendly dynamic displays thanks to touch

Your digital signage displays are informative and entertaining. Thanks to tactile technology, they also become interactive and participative. In fact, they allow customers to choose the subject that interests them from a selection. His experience 100% customized.

Depending on the layout of the touchscreen, the customer experience can even be extended beyond opening hours. Tablets or totems, placed close to the counters, complement the services provided by reception staff. Digital signage content also helps customers to wait out the crowds.

Touch support for digital signage software

E-manager includes a touchscreen module that lets you remotely send the address of an online page. This address can also direct the user to :

  • A website, an e-commerce page (products only available online),
  • A survey form, a satisfaction questionnaire,
  • Product data sheets, online ads,
  • An administrative document,
  • A plan…

The supports are infinite. They can be adapted to your field of activity(retail, local authorities, tourism, catering…) and your communication objectives.
The platform combines the distribution of digital signage content with the piloting of online applications.

In conclusion, the use of touch brings an extra dimension to digital signage.
On the one hand, it enables maximum personalization of information (institutional or advertising). And, on the other hand, it offers an additional channel of exchange with customers. This is because it can remain accessible outside working hours, or as a complement to reception staff.

As a result, interest in the brand is heightened, and purchases are encouraged.