All you need to know about digital signage

Thanks to technological advances and the move towards a modern, digital era, digital signage on screens is replacing traditional paper displays. It’s a way of communicating information to an audience. This tool passes down information via screens and content management. It can also incorporate interactive features such as a touch-sensitive option.

Definition of digital signage

Digital signage is a communication tool that delivers messages in the form of visual and animated content to an audience. This tool can be used for both internal (in corporate settings) and external communication (aimed at customers and passers-by).

It’s a way of boosting traditional display in companies, in public and private places. It can be used to broadcast multimedia content (images, videos, text, etc.) in real time to one or several screens. These displays can be placed both in-store and on freeway lanes: the screens are all different depending on the chosen location. Indoor screens can be installed in reception areas or shop windows, for example. Outdoor screens, LED screens, can be set over a larger surface area with greater visibility.

Also known as DOOH, digital signage, digital media, … digital signage has many names, and is becoming increasingly popular with professionals.

The benefits of digital signage

In recent years, the digital world has grown increasingly popular. Thanks to this, digital signage has made a name for itself, replacing paper format, information boards and slates. More attractive and easier to use, this tool enables you to manage your information remotely. It also enables a centralized and automated organization, and above all, cut costs. Digital signage is very simple to use, with a web interface that guides you through the broadcasting of your content.

By using digital signage, you can target your audience better and vary your communication according to your targets feedback. This affordable display solution is quickly efficient and allows you to save money in no time. At Emity, we offer packages tailored to your needs: here.

This method makes it easier to attract the attention of your target audience. The digital display is entertaining when queuing, for example. You can then convey important and relevant information, news, promotions… thanks to attractive visuals designed to encourage purchase. Use digital signage to improve visibility and generate interest!

Digital display: how it works

This tool is a comprehensive way to target the right people for your business in just a few steps. Beforehand, you’ll need to decide what content you want to distribute and on what medium. The aim is to share as many pieces of information as you wish with as many people as possible.

To makedigital signage affordable to everyone, manufacturers have developed solutions based on content management software. This type of display requires at least one screen, a management software, a server, a network installation, switches and routers, to be able to manage and display content in a variety of formats at low cost.

The various displays – led, digital totem, interactive kiosk, interactive showcase or video wall – offer attractive visuals and operate on a data flow exchange system. Whether it’s an in-house local network, an Internet network via a web platform, or even a combined system, digital signage is one of the best solutions for digital communication.


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