Led screens are becoming increasingly popular as digital signage solutions. This is particularly true for large groups who need broad visibility and a location that allows them to do so. It’s one of the most effective means of communication, and one that meets companies’ expectations. This type of screen is rated among the best in terms of image quality for long-distance broadcasting. This is known as the DOOH screen for deployed advertising and marketing.

What do we need to know?

Led screens to choose from

To ensure optimum readability and visibility of your screen outdoors, you need to define the desired format and its conditions.

Our players (housings) meet the control requirements of LED panels. Used indoors and outdoors, with temperature conditions ranging from -40 to 80°. Players and screens adapt to weather conditions: rain, humidity, heat, wind… Connected to the Novastar TB6 Led control box and other models, they broadcast your content in grand style.

LED screens are excellent in terms of lifetime, longer than other screens. They also offer better visibility at a distance, so a message can be seen from 10 to 50 meters away, even in bright sunlight. What’s more, they consume very little energy. Whether it’s a question of brightness, weather resistance or size, Emity offers a wide range of products to meet your needs.

Where to install an LED display

Once you’ve chosen the type of Led display that suits you best, it’s time to plan its installation. In other words, in strategic locations to grab customers’ attention. These screens, programmed to be outdoors, can be located miles from your store or next door. You can place them at the entrance to your company, or at freeway entrances. You can also install them on the street, next to public transport stops, in storefronts, as POS displays… The possibilities are endless. Authorization is required for any installation: external advertising regulations and local advertising regulations to be checked in your region. Authorization is required for all outdoor screen installations.

Its use

Once your digital signage LED screen has been installed, nothing could be simpler than using it with the Emity solution. With the remote management software, you can easily manage your broadcasts in real time. Easy, fast and intuitive to use, your customized posters can be streamed in Full-HD, even without Internet.

The screens are adapted so that you can transmit your information. The screen’s level of performance will depend on how long it is used: from a few hours a week to 24 hours a day all year round.