How to strengthen your communication?

Communication strategy enables companies to gain visibility and attract attention. Boosting and revitalizing your communications can increase this attraction. It’s time to think about the best strategy for revitalizing your content, your website and your marketing communications. This dynamism can act internally: with your employees and collaborators, but also externally: customers who are becoming more demanding in the face of the many offers on the market.

Display software

Digital signage solutions are available thanks to high-performance software adapted for display transmission. You can then purchase the software or subscribe to the solution. On-premise software: installed on your servers, you pay the license fee to the software publisher . To use this solution, you need to contact a publisher specialized in digital signage. You’ll have to pay the full cost of the display software here, and will be able to use it as soon as it’s installed. This will give you access to the management of your dynamic communication on your servers.

Digitalsignage is an increasingly innovative and widely useddigital communication tool, and a new type of software is emerging: Saas .Software As A Serviceis also known as Cloud or software on demand. This solution provides online management software, accessible remotely via a network. Offshored, it’s affordable and can be installed on any browser. This solution, increasingly in demand because of its practicality, is a subscription-based formula. Boost your communications from your office, your home and the other side of the world.

Each company specializing in DOOH offers different prices. Subscriptions and purchases can only be made through the publisher or host of your choice. Given the interest in this management software, there’s a lot of competition, and therefore a wide range of prices .

Some publishers also offer a hybrid mode comprising both types of software: Saas and On premise.

Optimize your communication

A good communicator is one who is able to communicate both internally as externally. Dynamic communication can be indoor, within your company, and outdoor for your customers. However, the way you communicate and the message will differ depending on what you want to display.

Internal communications will help you convey company information to all employees, collaborators and managers. This solution can be in paper format, to be displayed on the premises, or on your screens thanks to DOOH. You can then boost your digital communications. This system keeps team members involved and informed. You’ll be able to exchange and disseminate information so that everyone can have access to it.

Outdoor communication concerns only your customers and future customers. Advertisements, announcements and billboards all help to raise your profile and increase your brand awareness. You catch the customer’s eye and arouse their interest, the aim being to encourage them to buy. It’s all about the details: colors, words, packaging… In short, external communication has a major impact on your profitability.

Digital signage gives a company certain advantages in terms of market positioning. It showcases moving, innovative visuals that invite visitors to get to know the company and its products. As well as being one of the most widely used communication tools, digital signage unveils simple, relevant content that’s sure to capture attention. You’ll be more attractive to your customers and your ads will be more dynamic in real time. Information is more easily retained.

The benefits

There are also other advantages to opting for displays, and digital displays in particular. With this tool, you can :

  • Important economic interests! First of all, you save money on the purchase of equipment: get a screen, paid for in one go, and a display solution, available for purchase or as a subscription. Programming costs are also lower, as multimedia content is automatically created and saved on the platform. Also, the return on sales is greater, because you pay less and attract more customers. Dynamic communication makes you stand out from the crowd. By opting for digital signage, you save money in the long term, as it’s less costly to produce and distribute.
  • Ecological benefits: no more paper, no more printing, because everything happens on your software. You reduce your carbon footprint by promoting the digitized aspect of your content, which requires no printers or paper, and you organize your documents more easily, which are synchronized to your account as soon as they are uploaded to your media. As ecology becomes an ever more pressing issue, it’s an asset for any company wishing to be more in touch with its targets. By reducing this footprint, you’re getting closer to consumers by acting in favor of the environment.
  • An incredible time-saver ! You can create, save and deploy your content in a matter of seconds, and save hours of work every day thanks to the speed and simplicity of distribution. Over an unlimited period of time and on multiple screens, you’ll find that interactive signage sets you apart from your competitors by presenting image, video and text scenarios in innovative ways. Showcase your image, your visuals and your values in a dynamic way, and impress passers-by! So you reach your targets.


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