How does digital signage help banks and insurance companies create links?

Increase the visibility of your messages quickly thanks to connected screens placed around the bank or in your insurance agency.

Reinvent your customer communication and stand out from your local and international competitors.

Attest your professionalism creatively through attractive, dynamic, colorful and up-to-date visuals.

Improve the brand image of your bank and insurance agency.

Communicate externally with your customers and internally with your staff on dynamic connected screens.

Reduce your customers’ waiting time with attractive, visual communication.

What are the advantages of digital signage for banking and insurance?

Trust is the foundation of customer relations for bankers and insurers. They deal with highly confidential and sensitive data. So, to reassure their customers, banks and insurance companies need to communicate their commitments and areas of expertise.
In a world where digital is a must, opting for a digital communication medium is proof of innovation.. It’s a testament to the ability of finance professionals to keep pace with their customers’ changing needs.

Digital signage screens display financial news, practical information, agency products and services… This more modern and more attractive method combines text, images, videos, etc. – the platform is multimedia! Installed in common areas (reception, waiting room), screens help improve the customer experience. Furthermore, they reinforce the company’s brand image. Digital signage for banks and insurance companies is becoming essential.

This promotion of the brand and its commitments to customers can also be passed on to employees. The screens, placed in areas reserved for staff (break rooms, meeting rooms, etc.), unite teams around shared values. Digital signage for banking and insurance improves internal communication.

Directly and indirectly, digital signage is an indisputable asset for maintaining customer relationships.

How to choose the right digital signage screen?

Once you’ve selected your player, the next step is to choose the screen…


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