he Sushi Daily brand creates high-quality handmade sushi high quality. Present in Europe and expanding rapidly, the brand has numerous kiosks in supermarkets, train stations and airports (sushi sold in kiosks is made in front of customers). The success of the Sushi Daily kiosks led the company to develop a innovative concept enabling it to be present in smaller sales outlets. Their sushis are presented in self-contained display cases, with a screen to showcase the products and the brand’s expertise.

Sushi Daily has opted for digital communication and uses the Emity digital signage solution , which provides enhanced visibility and exceptional rendering . Digital signage for digital corners!

“It’s easy to use, it more than meets our needs and all our criteria”.

Keven, Operation and design Project Manager

A total of nearly 40 screens connected to Emity software provide dynamic communication.. Videos Full-HD feature passionate experts handling their utensils and creating fresh sushi. Their promise is to combine practicalquality and, above all, taste. Installed on shelves or in corners, the digital signage screens give a taste of Sushidaily.

Thanks to the Emity display solution, the display project has come to fruition, winning over customers who are intrigued and interested in these connected screens; the retailer has achieved its goal of showcasing the company in digital corners. In-store digital signage creates a sensation. His goal now is to build on this momentum to increase visibility and sales. Digital corner displays and in-store displays are now one of the best communication systems around!

“We communicate about the brand and our products and pass on offers more frequently without the need to travel.”

The use of digital media in Sushi Daily kiosks is an effective solution for attracting customers. The on-shelf corners, using digital signage, are bright and colorful. Screens improve kiosk visibility, and the images they display provide information and boost sales. At point-of-sale, indoors or out, screens capture the attention of passers-by, prompting them to ask questions about what they’re displaying. The distribution dynamic reinforces the brand’svisual identity and raises its profile.

With the E-manager management platform, the company can broadcast images, videos and texts demonstrating the quality of its products and services. Similarly, these programmed posters can be broadcast continuously over a certain period or for a specific duration. With remote management, you can deploy your content and schedule its distribution.

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How can you improve your communication with corners and kiosks as a restaurateur?

As a restaurateur, it’s important to know how to communicate with your customers and potential customers. For good communication, several methods can be used: design, values, culinary specialties and visuals.. You have to be able to showcase your products, their origins, the presentation of your dishes and the menu in general. What better way to convey this than with thedynamic display inside and outside your restaurant. Display kiosks and digital corners boost your communication! On the shelf, at the sale point or anywhere else, digital signage makes food more visible!

At Emity, we offer an innovative innovative and affordable digital signage solutionsuitable for all screen types. We can also advise you on which screens to choose.

January 21, 2021