Emity’s offers:

Emity offers a complete range for your on-screen communication.

The players

Our players are designed for all older screens, without SOC, i.e. screens that are not connected. They are also suitable for touch terminals.

E-Soft software:

For screens with SOC, all you need is the E-Soft software to link your PC/tablet/smartphone to your connected screens.

Our SOC partners are : Iiyama, LG, Android, Samsung, Vestel, DynaScan, Philips, etc.


Emity subscriptions offer access to a wide range of features.

Depending on your needs, we offer a range of subscriptions, from Standard to Excellence.


Emity offers a range of options, such as frames, to make your digital communication as comfortable as possible.

Installation and integration by our resellers

Thanks to our network of partners in France and Europe, you can easily find a local partner for the Emity solution and your screens.

List of retailers/wholesalers

Need advice?

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How to choose your screens

The E-Box

How do you connect your screens?

The E-Manager

How do you manage your screens?


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