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Comparison of our subscription packages


Media library size 500 MB 1000 MB 2000 MB
Media used: photos, videos, text and sound
Designing visuals, scripting creations
Poster management: portrait, landscape orientation
Website and social media display
Planning, Statistics and Alert modules, Security with dual authentication
Display management Multi-zone screen
Supported systems: Web platform, Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and IOS
Manage a fleet of screens as Administrator , Multi-users
Automated pages: Weather, Clock, RSS feeds, Countdown, Counter, Scrolling text
Automated pages:  Transport timetables, Waze for traffic information
Touch screen:  control your web application or interactive documents
Automated pages:  Real estate, Work accident, Live feed 
http” or “https” web pages:  adding your web posters
Modules for your display: IPTV , for broadcasting a channel to your screen, and Power BI, for the application that visualizes and models your data.

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