Aulnay town hall, located in Aulnay-Sous-Bois in France (93), has called on Emity’s digital signage solution. Their aim is to make communication easier, both internally for members of the municipal team and for the general public. Here is this case study:

“We’re talking about responsiveness, time savings and cost savings! In terms of investment, this could have a budgetary benefit in the long run.”

Communication Department

This modern city features 3 connected screens using Emity’s remote content management solution, known as “digital signage”. These screens, located in different parts of the city, ensure optimum communication and a better flow of information. Exchanges are more efficient and save time. The digital signage in this department becomes a means of providing citizens with rapid information.

Aulnay-sous-bois is ideally located near Paris and between France’s busiest airports. So the town council saw an opportunity to expand and share as much information as possible about the town, its merchants and events. This remote management allows you to manage display time, create a dynamic broadcasting system and move into the digital world. Digital signage for town halls is causing a stir in the city.

“It shows that we’re pretty much ahead of the game, and that’s positive! “

Aulnay-sous-bois is a beautiful city that loves its people. She does everything she can to improve living conditions and information sharing. That’s why the town council has chosen the Emity premium package. It then benefits from quality access at an affordable price that defies the competition. The E-manager platform lets them create personalized interactive posters and display them on multiple screens.

Digital signage in the 93 department captures the attention of passers-by, tourists and citizens alike, while informing them of what’s going on. Whether it’s something new, or simply the time, date or weather. Thanks to widgets, Aulnay-sous-bois town council can not only display its posters, but also share information from everyday life in France. Digital signage in the Aulnay-sous-bois town hall is becoming indispensable.

Connected displays
Updates per year

How do you communicate across an entire city?

Disseminating information in a city can be time-consuming, because you have to decide on the location, the time of dissemination, the posters, the printing, the installation… Withdigital signage in the city, you save time and money, and communicate quickly and effectively about projects and events.

Thanks to the Emity solution, you can manage different screens and schedule the broadcast of your content, adding more or less time to suit your needs. Emity offers a range of solutions for broadcasting media in real time to to inform an entire city!

Digital signage is an essential, practical means of communication for local authorities.

February 18, 2021