What do supermarkets and convenience stores like in digital signage? A simple, fast and cost-effective solution for improving the customer experience during the purchasing process and boosting sales. How? Find out more below.

In-store sales on the rise and a top-notch customer experience

Encourage your customers to make ” impulse” purchases

1 in 3 give in to impulse buying. This unpremeditated act occurs in stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, in front of the product. When a tempting offer is presented, the customer spontaneously decides to accept it.

The conditions under which an item is sold therefore influence impulse buying in supermarkets. Everything must be done to make them visible and legible. And it’s by cleverly placing a screen on the shelf that you support the consumer’s decision and stimulate spontaneous purchases.

Reduce the feeling ofwaiting at the checkout

Draw your customers’ attention to lively, colorful content. These will distract them by capturing their gaze and thoughts, whether recreational or informative:

  • Videos, slideshows.
  • Practical information and store news.
  • Ancillary services (ticketing, car rental, etc.)
  • Local life…

Interact with the consumer

Provide your customers with touch screens so they can :

  • Respond to your satisfaction surveys and questionnaires.
  • Submit a service request.
  • Edit an invoice…

A display for every function

On the shelves, wall-mounted displays to showcase your latest products and promotions, and highlight your star products. At your fingertips, touch screens for POS (point-of-sale advertising) to guide consumers through the product range. For example, by helping him find a part number or brand for an auto part or printer cartridge.

At checkouts, screens are preferably ceiling-mounted.

At reception touch-screen terminals or tablets for total customer interaction.

At the entrance to the gms or gss shopping mall, a totem that combines communication, advertising and compliance with health regulations.

And on the parking lot and outside walls of the supermarket, giant screens!

To find out more about the choice of screens, see our “Choosing the right dynamic display” page. And more generally, our FAQ.

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