igital signage is a screen on which the company displays information that scrolls automatically like a PowerPoint presentation. It’s a type of advertising that helps it stand out from the competition and boost sales. Available in a variety of formats, including Android, it can be used to display information on kiosks, totem poles and other screens. This tool is capable of distributing a maximum of content: images, web pages, videos or even sounds on screens.

However, digital signage requires a player. It’s an electronic box used to broadcast different content. It can be connected to a touchscreen or conventional display via an HDMI cable, or incorporated directly into a screen. With our Android-baseddigital signage player “E-Box” and our “E-Manager” platform, you’ll benefit from a whole host of advantages. You’ll have a professional solution for managing and administering your interactive digital media kiosks.

Merging digital signage and touch-screen kiosks.

Our E-Box digital signage player for touch-screen kiosks

Our E-Box Android player is a dynamic HD box that’s extremely compact and durable. It can be connected to a touchscreen or conventional terminal via an HDMI cable to broadcast content. It can be connected to any display with an HDMI input. These can be TVs, monitors, projectors, kiosks, totems or tablets. It adapts to any type of screen, interactive or not. This innovative digital signage solution is ideal if you already have a screen with an HDMI port.

The case is discreet and fanless. It is therefore unlikely to cause hearing or visual discomfort. You can hide it easily behind a screen. The use of an interactive touch terminal makes it easy to conceal. Our E-Box comes with a software package for easy management of your screens and content. We support companies in their digital transition. This will enable them to communicate effectively both internally(indoor) and externally(outdoor) via a multi-channel system (social networks, screens, e-mailing website, etc.).

It’s a simple, effective network solution for integrating a range of distribution points.

An easy-to-install, easy-to-use box

With our Android player, you won’t need a PC for digital signage. This new-generation player will be updated automatically from the cloud. All you have to do is connect it to the terminal, and the smart-card-sized case (3 x 9 x 4 cm) will do the rest. This box features HDMI connectivity. It is designed for 24/7 operation. As a result, the management of screens, whether touch-sensitive or not, is assured in terms of ease of use.

The box can be controlled remotely. This creates a guarantee of high resolution. Plug-and-play installation and Wi-Fi configuration take just a minute. But its greatest asset is its low power consumption on digital signage touch terminals. It’s a very resource-efficient device, so you can use it with your old computers to turn them intointeractive display players.

Intuitive, easy-to-use software for your interactive kiosk

For easy communication in internal and in externalour E-Manager software combined with our Android player allows you to quick and easy to create of your visuals, whether it’s the offer of the day, the menu of the day, ancillary activities, timetables… Wherever you are, it’s easy to control, monitor and update any or all of your screens.. To use our software, simply download it and you’ll have a digital display system integrated into your Android kiosk, tablet or totem.

To do this, you’ll need to log in first. On your user account, you’ll have access to a media library with videos and images, and you can also edit text, set up RSS feeds, weather forecasts, etc. Our system lets you create a poster scenario, change the order of posters or manage a time slot for each poster. You’ll also have the advantage of choosing the type of display on your interactive kiosk. Rest assured, deployment is simple, whether on a single screen or on a multitude of screens.

Our digital signage software enables you to manage your kiosks simultaneously, while allowing you to differentiate messages according to location, time or audience. This software can also be installed on Windows, Android, Mac OS and iOS.

Our digital signage solution

The advantage of our display solution is that you canautomate the management of your interactive kiosks according to predefined times and the desired theme, in order to broadcast the right web page, the right information and the right news. It makes updating information quick and easy. Everything happens remotely, and only when you want it to.

Our Android digital signage is popular in a wide range of sectors (hotels, tourist offices, real estate, universities, businesses, restaurants, retail outlets, etc.). It’s the perfect tool for promoting products on different screens, such as touch-screen kiosks.

Our solution is designed for intensive use and 24/7 operation. For optimum distribution of your content, our player and software will adapt to the environment of your digital signage project.

Deploying digital signage on Android

In today’s society, capturing consumers’ attention, retaining them and building loyalty are essential in retail outlets of all sizes, activities and locations. You can design, plan and distribute your digital signage campaigns at one or more of your points of sale. Since the animated message is clearly visible, it’s the best way to interest and convince prospects.

Whether in a reception area or a supermarket, interactive kiosks can be used to convey a detailed advertising presentation. You can animate products or your corporateidentity to enhance your image. Adapted to points of sale, our interactive solution is also suitable for companies and local authorities, for improved internal communication.

With comprehensive, attractive digital signage, consumers can also wait, get information, find their bearings, order or be entertained. This will enable you to strengthen your relationship with customers by providing them with tailored content. In conclusion, it’s a customizable digital signage solution that’s both innovative and cost-effective.