A tourist office is an essential organization for promoting a town or country to outsiders who come to visit.

In France, tourism represents a very important part of the country’s economy. In fact, France was the world’s leading tourist destination in 2019.

Among the key players in French tourism, the tourist offices play a central role. They are the main distributors of regional and local tourism information.

There are 1,500 tourist offices throughout France, employing nearly 8,100 people.

The benefits of digitalizing tourist offices

What does a tourist office do?

The tourist office is an information center open to the public. Its aim is to promote tourism in a city or region. Our public service missions include :

  • Welcome and information,
  • Tourism promotion,
  • Connecting local tourism players.

There are many advantages to digitalizing tourist offices! Find out why.

Why digitalize your tourist office with digital signage?

Keeping up with the latest trends in the tourist office

Who hasn’t searched for a tourist destination on the Internet? The world is going digital in every sector.

Tourist offices are taking the dust off their communications by digitizing their services. Nevertheless, they remain in tune with the times and the expectations of an increasingly connected clientele.

Digital screens with dynamic tourist displays broadcast up-to-date information in real time (dates and locations of shows, events, etc.).

It’s more entertaining to watch a video with a better presentation of the region you’re visiting than a simple flyer. Dynamic displays are more attractive than static displays.

Improving services for tourists with a digital tourist office

Dynamic digital signage offers tourists the means to retrieve the information they need. And all without the need for tourist office staff.

What’s more, according to an IPSOS survey, 75% of visitors remember a digital signage message, compared with 44% for traditional signage.

They discover remarkable sites, promotional offers on tourist activities…

Local players (local producers, restaurateurs, stores…), highlighted on screen, give the opportunity and the desire to discover them physically and not just virtually.

Emity’s digital signage solutions for tourist offices

Several digital signage solutions are available to the tourist office, thanks to technologies developed by Emity and its partners:

  • Make touch screens available to tourists, where they can find all the latest news, discoveries, municipal opening hours, tides, etc.
  • With outdoor advertising and DOOH (digital out-of-home), you increase access to information. In fact, during busy periods, the outdoor kiosks allow tourists to be independent of tourist office staff. What’s more, the outdoor terminals located in front of the organization can operate even after the public facility has closed. People who use these terminals are thus autonomous, whether the tourist office is open or not.
  • Digital signage makes it easy to update your information in real time. Tourists always know what’s going on in your area. In this way, you make their lives easier by providing them with information they don’t have to search for. In addition, phere’s no need to print flyers and posters on paper. This tool is perfectly suited to an ultra-connected population. With this, it boosts the promotion of your region by displaying local services, shops and accommodation.

Digital signage boosts your brand awareness. As a bonus, it attracts many visitors.

  • Emity’s digital signage player is very easy to use. Because the E-box installs in just 1 minute. It connects your PC /Tablet /Smartphone to your screen park.
  • The associated E-manager software lets you quickly manage your media content.

And with Emity’s digital solutions, you can save time and increase efficiency. You’ll keep tourists from France and beyond informed in real time, while entertaining them at the same time.