Digital signage is an innovative tool that helps boost your communication by enabling all types of content to be displayed on all types of screens. To connect any non-SOC-compatible display, Emity offers a selection of selection of players. These are equipped with Raspberry Pi © technology.

Small but mighty

The Raspberry is a nano-computer often used as a link platform for digital signage. It’s a modern, compact and efficient solution to enjoy the benefits of digital signage on any equipment. Thanks to its size, low energy consumption and power, the Raspberry is an interesting alternative to traditional solutions. Highly functional, it will enable you to manage the broadcasting of images and videos on several digital signage screens.

Using the Raspberry Pi as a digital signage player is a wise decision in terms of energy consumption. The simplicity of this nanocomputer’s architecture means that energy consumption is considerably reduced, up to 10 times less than that of a conventional player (Intel Nuc) for the same performance.

Digital signage with raspberry: how does it work?

The advantage of the raspberry is its easy way of installation and use. In fact, anyone can set up a digital signage system with a Raspberry Pi. Raspberry’s aim, which is a value shared by Emity, is to make digital technology accessible to as many people as possible. With this tool, any company’s internal and external communication can be easily improved.

The Raspberry Pi has its own operating system: the Raspberry OS. This system facilitates the implementation of digital signage software, including E-manager developed by Emity. All the Raspberry needs is an SD card and an HDMI power supply, and you’re ready to broadcast your content to the screens of your choice.

Emity offers

Our E-manager digital signage web platform is fully integrated with the Raspberry Pi. Screen management is simple, fast and efficient. At Emity, we specialize in connecting a box to a set of screens in just a few minutes, and broadcasting your media to all the connected screens. And if you need it, we can remotely take control of your equipment to make settings or corrections.

Our digital signage software integrates directly into our Raspberry-equipped players, which connect to the screens via a universal HDMI cable. The box can turn your screens on and off whenever you decide.

In line with our CSRapproach, Emity is committed to reusing as many old monitors as possible, to avoid buying and producing new equipment. And if you already own a Raspberry, you can order an SD containing the software (E-Soft) at an attractive price.

The raspberry is therefore a modern, environmentally-friendly and affordable choice for the digital signage proposed by Emity. Technology is evolving, and solutions like these are helping to increase digital accessibility.