uropcar is a specialist in car rental for business and private customers, with a presence in France and abroad. The company has been in business for over 60 years, demonstrating real experience and professionalism to its customers. With Emity, the company has captured the hearts of its customers withdigital signage.

“Screens are liked, videos are more attractive”

Sandra Laminez, Marketing Manager

At Europcar, nearly 360 screens and tablets use the digital signage solution for vehicle rentals. With its perpetual innovations and the quality of its products and services, it enables Europcar to broadcast its content in real time by connecting a box to several screens!

This one-box solution is unique, making Emity number 1 in terms of value formoney.. Europcar, founded in Paris in 1949, has carved out a place for itself in the international market. in france but also abroad. This is why digital signage is an obvious solution for communication andrelationship-building with customers and future customers. The communication tool adds a customer experience and promotes Europcar’s image. Digital signage makes car rental more fun and more attractive!

“This allows the customer to better appreciate and understand the offer”.

We are proud to work with a company like Europcar that values quality of its products and services, as well as equal pay for men and women. We are convinced that this is a long-lasting company and that it was right to choose Emity as its partner. digital signage solution.

Thanks to the Emity solution, Europcar has automated its reception points and has been able to create a dynamic atmosphere as soon as customers arrive at the point of sale.

Countries where Europcar operates
Agencies in France, French overseas departments and territories and the Ile Beauté
Screens and tablets using the Emity solution

How can digital signage help sales and rentals?

Digitalsignage is internationally recognized as an essential method of communication. Also known by the acronym “DOOH“, the latter is a way of attracting more customers and building loyalty. Digital signage in car dealerships and rental services is a major asset for differentiation!

Combining digital and communication, this system has paid off since its inception. And more and more companies are getting involved. As a result, they see their customer relations improve, and their sales increase, simply by using digital signage in stores, windows, reception areas… both indoors and out.

Article by Jade Begue, February 11, 2021