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Manufacturers, distributors, integrators and installers, take the next step in your development by partnering with Emity and digital signage.

Specialist digital signage in digital signage, Emity works with an incredible network of partners.

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Emity has partners in a variety of sectors:

In technology with manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

Consulting With integrators.

In software With software publishers.

In the business With installers, communications and advertising agencies.

With professional networks With professional networks from screen-based communication.

A common goal with our partners: user satisfaction

Expert in one of the many digital signage professions or architect of digital signage projects? Do you aim for excellence for your customers? Emity too!

Quality is the cornerstone of your customer relationships. Just like you, Emity seeks out the best for the best, and retains only those who make the difference.

We’re made to get along!

1 opportunity = 5 benefits

Expertise Our team of specialists can help you meet your customers’ specific needs, connect APIs, make technical choices…

Mastery You will be trained in the use of digital signage software. We provide you with a sales support marketing pack for each business sector.

Resources Emity opens its media library to you and lets you benefit from its brand awareness.

Savings You have access to privileged distributor offers.

White label The platform is fully customizable for OEM marketing.

Partner with Emity digital signage software!

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