Touchscreen terminals, also known as digital terminals, are very popular with both private and professional customers. Combined with other communication media such as screens, it adds an extra dimension to digital signage. Thanks to touch, the user is no longer just a spectator, but a player in the communication process. In addition to broadcasting your messages, you also invite your customers and visitors to interact with you.

Touch kiosk, digital kiosk, even interactive kiosk. Different names, same functions!

A touch terminal is a digital medium for exchanging information via a navigation interface. Its touchscreen function allows users to navigate in the simplest way possible: by touching the screen. Via icons, buttons or menus, the user selects the information he or she is interested in, and only the content he or she has chosen appears on the screen.

Many sectors are now equipped with touchscreen kiosks to enhance the communication of their companies, businesses or organizations. They can be found in museums, railway stations, shopping malls and waiting rooms.

Emity, the benefits of a digital signage solution for your touch terminal

You communicate with your users and your users communicate with you

Touchscreen terminals make your communication interactive and reciprocal. Emity’s solutions enable you to collect and synthesize the information your users share with you via these kiosks. For example, our E-Survey and E-Quizz functionalities enable you to interact directly with your visitors. Unlike a traditional campaign, this dematerialized campaign gives you back the information collected in real time.

Improving customer experience and communication with the digital terminal

Thanks to touch-screen terminals, users can access your information easily and at any time. They browse your website, consult your shared media (documents, videos, images…), post their opinions or questions… All in total autonomy.

This freedom of access to information and expression helps to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With dynamic display on a touch screen, the content made available is rich: showcase site, e-commerce page, survey form, satisfaction questionnaire, technical data sheets, administrative documents, advertisements, advice, recommendations, etc.

Emity, designer of solutions adapted to the digital terminal

In addition to having simplified the use of a touch-sensitive surface, thanks to its E-Touch solution, Emity has designed a number of functions adapted to interactive communication:

Combined with a touch-sensitive terminal, we find the inevitable E-Attente, the queue management solution.

Or E-Sondage, the solution for managing your survey campaigns.

Touchscreen kiosks (or digital kiosks) are an additional asset for your communication campaigns. They add an interactive dimension. This means that your marketing campaigns no longer simply transmit information, but also exchange it.