To stay competitive and attract an increasingly connected clientele, ski resorts are modernizing with digital signage! They are becoming true “smart resorts”, developing digital technology to make life easier for holidaymakers.

All aboard for digital signage in ski resorts

Digital signage to inform and entertain in ski resorts

Webcams installed in ski areas are connected to screens that allow your customers to see the situation on the slopes in real time and decide on their day.

To keep pace with an increasingly connected population, offer a complete digital experience with dynamic screens in your ski resorts.

Think of the ski-lift signage and the ski-pass sales counter by broadcasting rates and information on live slope safety.

Digital signage provides your customers with a distraction from the queues at the main ski lifts. Time seems shorter when we are captured by digital messages. In fact, according to the Popaï survey (Association des Professionnels du Marketing Point de Vente), 79% of those questioned found that digital signage reduces waiting times.

Digital signage and safety in ski resorts

Sensors are installed along runways and mechanical installations.

They are connected in real time to dynamic screens that integrate various functions.

For skiers:

  • The dynamic display informs them of the number of people on the slopes, and provides itinerary advice.
  • Indoor and outdoor screens show them the situation in the ski area in real time, thanks to the site’s webcams.
  • They also indicate the snow level on the slopes and other useful information for skiing.

For station staff, digital signage contributes to :

  • Maintain installations and intervene in the event of malfunctions.
  • Check track opening and closing.

An example of a ski resort connected with digital signage: La Plagne

Emity partner Vistacom has marketed dynamic screens at the La Plagne ski resort. Some twenty screens are distributed as follows:

  • Outdoor,
  • On the outskirts of the station,
  • Inside the station,
  • In public places, such as town halls and tourist offices… The latter manages all the screens and their content.

The content displayed varies according to the positioning of the screens.

For example, a giant screen installed at the top of the slopes serves as a photo booth for skiers. They were photographed on the way up the chairlift! Thanks to an app connected to the screen, they can retrieve the photos they want to keep.

On the slopes, in the heart of the ski resort, in reservation management as well as in reception and transport services, the aim of digital signage is to make your stay in the mountains as easy as possible. So don’t hesitate to get digital with Emity!