What are internal corporate communications and digital signage?

Digital signage and internal communications are two of the most effective tools for business.

Internal corporate communication encompasses all information actions aimed at employees of a given company. Its vocation is to transmit the company’s values, strengthen employee commitment and improve cohesion and team spirit.

Digital signage is a communication tool for displaying information in the form of multimedia content (images, videos, text, sound, etc.) on one or more screens.

Discover the benefits of using digital signage to communicate corporate messages internally.

The connection between digital signage and internal corporate communication.

With the rise of digital signage, human resources are expanding their range of communication media. Animated screens are thus added to newsletters, information notes, posters and other “classic”, static media.

With digital signage, your company’s internal communications gain in attractiveness, clarity, efficiency and impact.

If your company has several locations, digital signage is a major advantage for your team. In fact, messages can be broadcast from a single station to all screens installed in the region, and even anywhere in the world. This will reinforce not only the cohesion of all sites, but also the consistency of the messages delivered across all locations.

The benefits of digital signage designed by Emity for your internal corporate communications

Emity is the publisher of the E-Manager digital signage content management software. Thanks to our engineering department, our software is constantly evolving and adapting to the specific requirements of our customers.

Implement your internal corporate communications simply and effectively

With E-Manager, information can be sent to multiple screens simultaneously, from a single workstation. When you have a large number of screens, this feature saves a considerable amount of time.

Dynamic posters are programmable. Thanks to this function, messages written in advance are automatically displayed according to the broadcast schedule you have defined.

Is there an error in the text of your message? No need to reprint hundreds of documents or send a correction e-mail to every recipient… Thanks to real-time content modification, the typo is erased in just a few clicks, and the update is immediately applied to the entire screen population.

Reduce employee infobesity and significantly improve information assimilation. Rather than “drowning” your newsletter in your recipients’ e-mail, display it prominently on a screen in the break room, for example. By placing your screens in strategic locations, the information displayed will not only be seen, it will be read!

Energize and create something unique and user-friendly in your internal communications with digital signage from Emity

Depending on the message (informative or entertaining), distribute it in different locations to reinforce its impact.

The location of the screens is crucial. So prefer high-traffic areas and break times, to reach as many people as possible and give them time to assimilate the information.

Take the monotony out of support! Thanks to our screens, you can communicate in all forms of media (images, videos, GIFs, slideshows, texts, etc.). Our E-Manager software includes a media library with extensive storage capacity.

Thanks to digital signage, the same medium (the screen) can broadcast several messages: company news, new employees, team initiatives, inter-departmental events, even birthdays!

Emity’s digital signage solutions for your internal corporate communications

Emity has designed solutions that do more than simply distribute information, they share it.

E-Document lets you consult and even download (via a QR code) digital documents. Fulfill your obligations to inform your employees in the workplace with digital signage. Internal regulations, emergency numbers, safety instructions, collective bargaining agreements, CSE-related information, etc. are all documents that can be made available to employees directly from a screen.

E-Survey lets you create forms, distribute them and collect responses. Give your teams a say by conducting regular survey campaigns. Strengthen the bond with your employees and their commitment.

Out of inspiration? Emity has the perfect partner for all your digital signage needs

To offer the best, Emity teams up with creative partners. One of them is none other than Canva, owner of the largest design creation platform for professionals and amateurs alike.

Integrated with our E-Manager software, Canva inspires you by proposing unique layouts that you can associate with your playlist in just one click.

Content, like media, is varied! Want to create a video on your company’s theme? Produce a poster for the Olympics your company is organizing? It can be done!

Digital signage is a powerful tool for improving and modernizing a company’s internal communications. In fact, digital screens are a modern, fun way of disseminating information faster and more effectively. Emity adds an interactive dimension to broadcast content with its E-Document and E-Survey solutions. By strategically exploiting all the technological advantages of this solution, companies can boost employee engagement, reinforce team cohesion and improve operational efficiency. Interactivity, personalization and ease of updating make digital signage a tool of choice, and companies can not only optimize their internal communications, but will also foster a dynamic, informed and resolutely forward-looking corporate culture.