Survey management, Emity’s solution for all your paperless campaigns

Poll management is one of the digital signage features developed by Emity. Its purpose is to collect, without limit, all the opinions and information of your contacts.

It’s like a dematerialized survey campaign, with a host of advantages.

Thanks to touch screens, totems, kiosks and terminals and tablets, your targets can express themselves quickly and easily.

Survey management designed for all professionals

All companies can use E-Survey, whatever their activity (retail, services, distribution…). If you’re looking for opinions, testimonials, feedback…

With customers, E-Survey can gauge opinion on :

  • the quality of a service or product purchased,
  • store presentation and management,
  • any other marketing or commercial issue.

It also proves effective on the employee side, for example, to assess the level of team well-being.

E-Survey, or how to improve your customer or employee relations?

By collecting information with E-Survey, you can identify your target audience’s opinions. The results guide you in your decision-making. In this way, E-Survey is a genuine quality enhancement tool. From building customer loyalty to improving interactions within your company.

A questionnaire accessible anywhere, anytime

Create the survey and broadcast it immediately to your screens. 2 solutions are available to your contacts. Either, they answer directly on the screen, if tactile. Alternatively, they can access the online questionnaire by scanning a QR Code.

Customizable questions for an effective survey

Whether you want simple feedback or a very detailed answer to your question. E-Survey offers a wide range of response parameters:

  • star or smileys rating system,
  • long answers,
  • single or multiple choice.

So, whether the question is open or closed, you’ll get the right answer and usable results.

Instant survey results

With our solution, there’s no need to wait. Your callers’ answers are automatically recorded and immediately played back.

As soon as your contact completes the survey, the data is synchronized immediately and you receive the results in your account. You can also obtain this data in graphical form.

With E-Survey, don’t waste any more time, improve the experience of your customers, employees and yourself in real time.

E-Survey simplifies and accelerates the collection of information and opinions for your dematerialized campaigns. So you can concentrate on what’s really important: analyzing the results and implementing the resulting actions.

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