family-owned businness since 1991, General Transmissions designs and produces transmission solutions for landscape maintenance equipment. For more profitability for manufacturers, more attractiveness and productivity among users, the company is modernizing. The company therefore chose digital signage to highlight its know-how and develop its reputation.


The digital signage solution chosen by General Transmissions consists of 4 screens controlled by Emity management software . Its advantages, compared with more “traditional” communication solutions (posters, flyers, etc.), are :

  • improved message visibility,
  • More attractive communication,
  • enhanced message appeal.

This solution is a bonus for better communication for General Transmissions, which is known worldwide. These 4 screens mark the beginning of General Transmissions’ communication modernization process. Communication on maintenance equipment will be transformed.

General Transmissions designs and produces transmission solutions. These are quality products, profitable and attractive, and part of a constant quest for innovation. This equipment makes green maintenance equipment more cost-effective and more attractive to its target audience. Their aim is to constantly improve their products and the quality of their service to customers. The family-run business appeals to beginners and advanced riders alike with its quality range. The company is expanding and is now present on every continent. It has manufacturing plants in France and Mexico, 2 production plants in China and exports worldwide.


With its wealth of experience and know-how, retail offers its services to professionals and private customers alike. It sets itself apart from its competitors by innovating and emphasizingthe quality of its products. This reassures customers. General Transmissions has therefore opted for a new strategy that complements traditional advertising with communications that are as close as possible to customers. We focus on the circulation of information and provide attractive visuals. These provide information on new products, while highlighting the company’s values: innovation, quality and service. The company is also optimizing its internal strategy, using screens to strengthen team cohesion.

General Transmissions was interested in digital signage, and found one of the best solutions on the market in Emity. In the end, it chose Emity for a number of reasons:

  • the quality of its products,
  • attractive prices,
  • service andsupport.

Emity’s teams helped General Transmissions define its digital signage solution. A tailor-made solution offering excellent value for money. Emity maintains this availability throughout installation and operation. Emity is delighted to count General Transmission, a French family business with a worldwide reputation, among its customers. Positive results are achieved through purchase, hard work and motivation.

continents welcoming the brand
m2 plant in France
h delivery time

How to promote your products with EMITY digital signage?

The termdigital signage refers to the visual display of products, information, new products, etc. in a dynamic way, to draw passers-by’ eyes to the screen. When you want to promote your products, and therefore your brand, you can opt for the digital signage solution, which will be more interesting and have more impact than a simple advertisement.

In fact, digital signage is displayed on screens that can be placed both indoors and outdoors. You decide how you want to communicate, and you can choose the design, colors and animation of your content with the Emity solution.

Article by Jade Begue, April 1, 2021