Paris is a very attractive capital city, where many companies and major brands have set up shop. This is reflected in the use of innovative, modern communication tools such as digital signage. Interactive kiosks are a common sight in Paris; you’ll find them in stores, restaurants, on public transport and even around tourist and cultural attractions. In fact, tourist offices, museums and various attraction centers now use this communication medium. The aim is to convey information in an attractive, fun and modern way.

Digital signage in Paris.

Our digital signage solution in Paris

For those of you looking to grow your business, we offer a modern digital signage solution in Paris. With it, you can effectively inform your target audience while remaining entertaining. The advantage of our solution is that all your screens scattered all over France can be easily managed from your office in Paris.

This remote management will enable you, for example, to control and monitor the communication of a screen in Marseille from Paris. Just a few clicks are all it takes to create, animate and distribute content instantly. All your content can be easily modified and customized thanks to our fluid, ergonomic interface. This display solution offers the best way to create, animate and control yourdigital signage screens. A tailor-made solution that adapts to the needs of your organization.

Whether you have one or several screens in France, you can seamlessly update content with images. You’ll also be able to display RSS feeds, web pages, photos, videos or texts from a single Paris-based computer. Communication with customers, visitors and staff is thus centralized. Our solution works with digital media software to help you create your content. In this way, distribution is totally personalized. Thanks to a broadcast calendar system, you can easily schedule your digital signage content in real time, whenever you want.

A sound communications strategy

The society we live in is becoming increasingly digitalized. Dynamic communication is now everywhere, especially in big cities like Paris. However, before taking the plunge into
digital signage
in your city, a good communication strategy is essential. Your target audience (potential customers, company employees, patients, tourists…) and content (safety instructions, promotions, tourist information…) must be defined. Make sure you define the display frequency in advance: transmission of the same message all day long, creation of playlists, management of broadcasts according to precise schedules… Finally, determine where your content will be broadcast (indoors or outdoors, in a waiting room, in a shop window, in a company lobby, in a break room…).

The importance of digital signage in Paris

Whatever the business sector, digital signage or DOOH(Digital-Out-Of-Home) in Paris offers companies a wide range of communication possibilities. Paris has the merit of being the most visited city in the world. It boasts a number of tourist attractions, including castles and museums, but also hosts a variety of events.

No matter where, digital signageis the ideal solution for informing tourists about the opening hours of tourist sites, presenting the weather, indicating admission prices to a theater, an exhibition… or reminding them of safety instructions around a concert hall or stadium.

It’s also a way of informing foreign tourists in different languages. Paris is known to welcome a large number of tourists, so this is a solution that should be used. For travelers, digital signage is the ideal solution for reducing waiting time by offering rich content. This solution also applies to public transport, where waiting and searching for information can sometimes prove problematic.

For these locations,interactive displays are needed to guide andwarn users in real time about traffic conditions on trains, buses, subways or planes. Bars and restaurants can also use digital signage, as can corporate headquarters or university campuses.

In restaurants, digital signage saves time. It will be used, for example, to translate menus. All this will make your project interactive and modern.