our digital project with our help. Go through each stage of your project’s construction and ask yourself how you can best respond for it to go as smoothly as possible?

With Emity’s display solutionyou can win over your customers by using digital signage as a means of communication. Considered one of the best methods of interactive communicationDigital signage will enhance visibility, efficiency and attractiveness. There are several benefits of using it with your customers and within your company. That’s right, digital signage is as much about internal as external communication!

You can download our ‘White paper’ below to receive precise answers about the digital world and to discover how to make your digital projet successful. Created by ‘Le club du digital media’, which Emity is a member of, we thought it was important to share it with you. You can now get all the answers you need, or simply satisfy your curiosity.

In this booklet, you’ll learn how to structure your project, by defining its caracteritics: the medium, goals and the added value of your project. Then there’s the implementation of your plans, with advice on how to manage and put it into practice, as well as the challenges and constraints involved. Finally, you’ll move on to the technical section, where you can read in detail about the technical and technological features required.

The purpose of this white paper is to help you boostyour projects. Easily make your dreams a reality.

The digital project of your dreams!

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How to choose your screens

The E-Box

How do you connect your screens?

The E-Manager

How do you manage your screens?


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