The waiting room, a place where time seems to stand still… And the longer it stretches, the greater the stress and irritation. It’s definitely not the best way to start an appointment. Keeping visitors waiting pays off!

Distraction objects can be classic (magazines, posters, music…) or more attractive and effective thanks to digital signage in the waiting room! Animated, colorful content is an instant eye-catcher. A wide range of content is very easy to import and update on the software. So visitors never tire of what they see on the screens!

Solutions to the waiting game

Digital signage and the medical sector

Waiting times in the medical sector always seem longer than elsewhere. It’s a stressful environment with sick people. The atmosphere is not the most conducive to entertainment, and the wait often becomes interminable. Whether in hospital or at the doctor’s, you need to be patient.

What healthcare professional hasn’t been confronted with a patient whose anxiety and agitation have been exacerbated by waiting? For the latter, it’s sometimes difficult to keep calm in an anxiety-inducing environment that’s not conducive to distraction. Even more so when it’s a child.

Digital signage screens in waiting rooms help create a reassuring, recreational atmosphere:

  • Entertain your patients: Reduce their waiting time by showing slide shows and entertaining videos on one or more connected screens.
  • Put your patients’ minds at ease, and build up their confidence : As soon as they arrive, accompany them with information about health, your establishment/cabinet and many other useful messages. Connect with every patient before they even see you on the screens in the waiting room.
  • Maintain optimum hygiene conditions with the sanitary screen: its support integrates a contactless dispenser of hydro-alcoholic gel. For more information, see our dedicated article.

Digital signage can be used on the screen of a doctor’s surgery as well as on the screens of a healthcare facility! The system is designed to display digital signage content simultaneously on one or more connected screens. Videos, images, text, web pages, weather, etc. entertain visitors, energize communication and improve its impact in the waiting room.

In the private and public sectors, spaces are going digital

Waiting rooms are not the exclusive domain of the medical sector. In fact, they can also be found in public organizations and the private sector.

Whether you’re a public authority or a company, your digital transformation is underway thanks to screens in waiting rooms! Connected screens such as smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs are already integrated into your environment. By associating a digital signage solution, particularly in your reception area, you :

  • Improve the user-friendliness of your reception by alternating and diversifying the type of content displayed: practical information, institutional messages, entertaining content…
  • Enhance your image: These new communication media, such as connected screens, add a touch of modern and creativity.
  • Inform and inform :
    • On the public side, communicate with citizens about your agenda, major projects, regulations, formalities…
    • On the private side, introduce your customers and partners to your news, your values, your offers…

And what about waiting in general?

All professionals dealing with the public are confronted with the situation of waiting for their customers. And without necessarily having a dedicated room on their premises.

Thanks to digital signage, retailers and craftsmen can also keep their customers waiting in the best possible conditions. Whatever the sector of activity, the aim is the same (to reduce the feeling of waiting), it’s the content that varies:

  • Hotels: Connected screens broadcast, for example, a presentation of the establishment, its current offers, the weather and places to visit.
  • Catering: Screens and tablets alternate between displaying attractive images and videos, the menu and its QR code. By flashing this, customers can download the available dishes onto their smartphone.
  • Aesthetics and well-being: At the spa, hairdresser’s or massage institute, digital screens help create the right atmosphere.
  • Automotive: The brand’s new models, illustrating the vehicles’ design and performance, keep visitors waiting for an advisor to become available.