ntermarché is the 4th largest supermarket chainIn France, and is very popular. To attract more customers in the face of stiff competition, the company has opted for a new solution. Digital signage in supermarkets and hypermarkets. The Intermarché de Juvignac supermarket chose Emity as its digital signage solution. This gives them greater visibility and attractiveness to their customers.

Currently, about twenty screens are equipped with the Emity solution! They provide information on new products, promotions and information related to sanitary and other conditions news. At Emity, we want every retailer to find the best digital signage solution. In the solution Emity :
Support, quality and innovation
. These are the values we wish to share with the retail sector.


Merchants have access to the HD box which can be connected to multiple screens and continuing to broadcast even without the Internet. They also have access to platform innovative and easy-to-use E-manager. In addition, the quality from the Emity design office. The people of Juvignac are thus kept informed in real time of news from their Intermarché.

in-store digital signage
is a relevant tool for customer communication.


Digital signage is one of the most effective solutions for large surfaces. Many have realized that this is an interesting market, given the high demand. Intermarché is already accustomed to change and modernity, and has therefore opted for digital signage. At EMITY, we offer a unique and innovative solution designed by our engineering department. We continue to work on new features and on the system to make it even more efficient.

points of sale
Countries: France, Belgium, Portugal and Poland
billion euros in sales in 2019
Brand consolidation

Why should supermarkets and hypermarkets choose the EMITY digital signage solution?

Retailers choose EMITY for its innovations and the quality of its products and services (its case, management platform and support service).

When you decide to install digital signage, you have many choices. But only EMITY can offer you a complete solution tailored to your needs. With just one box, you can connect to a whole range of screens! You can then manage it via a simple platform, updated daily. What’s more, the emity solution offers unbeatable value for money.

Article by Jade Begue, March 25, 2021